Thursday, July 10

The opening of the the Local Scrapbook Store

Living here in small town Napa, well it used to small. Our retail crafting options are pretty limited, meaning we really have none unless you consider the small sections at your local Wal-Mart and Target, not! A couple of close friends a few weeks back opened a much needed and anticipated scrapbook store in town, very exciting. Being a quote unquote partner was not really an option for many reasons at this time but I am still very much involved as a Design Team Member and instructor. I am so fortunate to be able to share my passion and creativity with others at my own leisure and look forward to meeting new people and of course making a few extra dollars in this really crummy economy.

I have been scrapping since my oldest child was born, so about 6 years now and it just gets better and better. My husband encourages me to get out there and show others what I can do, despite the fact in his words " I have taken this way beyond hobby". If I am not doing it, I am talking about it, blogging about it, message boarding about it, reading about it, so he says....what can I say, it is all true! Yes, I know more about the craft than proably any one human proably should, but you gotta have a passion right? Always artistic, I had planned out of high school on attending art school in San Diego, which never happened, and how I became a nurse with those aspirations is beyond me, but I finally have found that niche that I am good at.

As we were getting ready for the store to open we were frantically trying to get samples created to display, classes organized and on the books, and looking for and suggesting product to carry. While it is all a work in progress, we are all learning so much, owners, DT members etc...So with that I wanted to share a few of the projects I completed in time for the opening.

This is a favorite picture of mine taken this spring on a trip to Disneyland. On our way to the princess lunch the girls all decked out in the princess attire. Carson, could not be left out, we found a prince cape on ebay and a king crown at a local party store. I took a white t-shirt and some glitter glue and prince charming he was. Mine are the two on each end.

This one is one of those rare shots you get, just perfect, the tall green grass, her hair blowing just slightly to one side, priceless! This is my niece Elizabeth last year at Easter, so she was 4 at the time. Lizzie and my son Carson are just 5 weeks apart and he loves his cousin! I have been dying to scrap this picture and the paper colors were just perfect for this, they are the new SEI Scrap-a-Do.

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