Thursday, July 10

Vacation, what to do, what to do....

Starting today my husband is on vacation for the next near 2 weeks. We had plans on heading up to my parents house who live about 2 1/2 hours away. Hanging out by the pool all week, letting the kids run loose, they have 20 acres and the kids just love it. Then next friday we are heading up to Lake Tahoe for 5 days, meeting some friends, bringing our boat and just hanging out on the water and the beach all week. However, today the smoke from all the nearby fires is just awful. The Sacramento health dept has declared it not only unhealthy to go outside but dangerous to go outside and it is at a level RED, I am guessing that is not a good thing. So....our plans are gonna change, just not sure what to do. We have a RV trailor and a boat and cannot go outside to use either, maybe its time to head off to the coast for a week and pray the air quality ifs better over there and cross our fingers that the smoke clears before Tahoe next week!


{april kennedy} said...

Found your blogspot on scrapper's depot. I love blogging. It is so much fun. I've added you to my list to check back often. I want to sign up for that box explosion class too! Just picking out paper though....hmmm...that will be tough..too many great choices at our LSS! My blog site is Come visit!

Enfys said...

Hi Lisa, Just poped over from the cricut MB to say Hi. Your blog is looking great.