Wednesday, August 13

And we are off to Viva Las Vegas!

Kids are at my parents, check, bags are packed, check, book for the plane, check.......guess we are ready. Matt is playing in the police and fire games softball tournament in Las Vegas this week. Departments from all over the US are playing, should be a fun event. And...just in time as this is the last week before school starts, last week of summer vacation and then the chaos begins for mommy! This trip is just in time as yesterday was my Birthday, my 39th! Yikes, that is a scary number.......and I have NEVER been to Vegas before. I did tell Matt that I have no intention of sitting in the August Vegas heat all day to watch him play, so what fun adventures do I have in store for myself? Ta-Ta....will update when we get back!

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LiveLaughScrap said...

Enjoy your time away. Have fun. I understand totally your feelings about school. I'm right there with you, except I have one that has already started & one that starts tomorrow.