Monday, July 28


It is a good thing the kids are gone for the week, or they would have been so"busted"! Backtrack for a moment here, the kids have a habit of going into the garage and getting into the upright freezer we have out there to sneak "otter pops". We have had to start locking it, but sometimes Mommy does not always remember, and they fully take advantage of that. Ella, especially our littlest child, oh she is a mischievous thing that one.
So, today while picking up the house I noticed a piece of plastic, garbage, coming out from behind the couch, mind you I had cleaned behind there just before our vacation and we have only been back a week. So, I pull the couch out only to find this:


That would be empty plastic otter pop wrappers! OH, those little stinkers...Just to give you an idea of exactly how many, look at this:

Soit seems my kids have been jacking themselves up on sugar all week, that would explain why I have been at my wits end with both of them for the last several days. Lesson learned....mental note to make sure I lock the freezer every single time I am out there~

Sunday, July 27

6 hours and counting............

My parents who live about 2 1/2 hrs away from us called this morning and told me that they want to spend as much time with the grandkids as they can before school starts in just 3 weeks. Yes my oldest is starting in Kindergarten , all day kinder at that 8:25am-2:40pm. So............they are coming tonight around 7pm to pick them up and take them for the whole week, that is the plan anyways, please children be good so you are not returned home pre-maturly. Not that I do not love my kids and miss them when they are gone, I do, but I also love the break and they are few and far between. Not only are they taking my two little ones, but they are also going to take my 2 nieces (ages 11 and 5), so they will have all 4 grandkids all week. What on earth are they thinking?

So, whatever am I going to do with myself all week? Well, I just got off the phone with a valley spa and Tuesday I am having the "works"! 75 minute massage, 1 hour facial and a mani-pedi, a full day of it, how exciting!

Proably clean my house and it will "stay clean" for more than just a day, proably scrap some, go grocery shopping "by myself", with no hassles, clean the cars out, unpack the boat, hang out with some girlfriends and maybe catch a movie. I still want to see Sex and the City, the last movie I saw in the Theater was Hannah Montana in 3d! It has been 'years and years" since I saw a movie that just "I" wanted to see. Teaching classes on Thursday and Friday evenings and taking a Tim Holtz class on Saturday with my girlfriend Heather who I see maybe twice a year, and yes we live in the same town.

No, I did not mention anything "romantic" planned with the hubby cause he is working all week. Nothing pre-arranged, but maybe with any luck we might be able to do something for even just an hour or two each evening just the two of us, what exactly is that like?

Saturday, July 26

Todays Project, 6x6 Canvas Box

On a roll with the projects this week. Granted I still have vacation laundry to do, oh it will still be there tomorrow.

Today I made a box using 6x6 canvas panels, cardstock, glue and BG papers and various ribbons. I got the idea from a kit club I belong too, so I just scrap-lifted the idea. Chalk ink the canvas's, glue to the sides of the box (which you have already folded, cut and glued to form a box. Added the patterned papers, trimmed the top ones with a border punch. Cute! Matches my scraproom and think I might use it to store my cuttlbug A2 folders???? Might make some more for gift boxes, more storage....

To make a picture larger, just click on the photo and a larger one will appear in another window.

Lid next to it. The lid could be a little tighter, but this was a first try.

To give you an idea of how much room is in this thing I put a new cartridge inside it and there is still room to fit oh maybe 3 more, so 4 or so out of the packages.

Friday, July 25

Tinkering Ink Peekaboo Book-Acrylic & Chipboard Mini-Album

Today I made this Peekaboo Mini album by Tinkering Ink. Half the pages are chipboard and have windows the other pages are clear acrylic, I alternated them. I have never worked with acrylic before and it was a little challenging I must say. Trying to get one side to match the other so you do not see any adhesive from the other side, any backs of pictures etc.... But I do like how it turned out.

This may or may not be a class project, will get some customer feedback to see if there is any interest in doing this type of book. It is rather time consuming and it would have to be something where we did the general pages, rub-ons etc.. and then they could finish at home.

I used printed papers and punch die-cuts from Pink Paislee, laser die-cut paper in brown, Basic Grey Rub-ons, various ribbons, lace and brads, silk flowers, Cricut Accent Essentials cartridge for paper flowers, chalk inks, staz on ink in brown and acrylic stamps to stamp on the acrylic pieces, some bling in a peridot green color.

I used old pictures from my childhood, I still need to journal and add some notes, misplaced my brown slick writer (writes and drys on slick surfaces, like the acrylic) so it will have to wait until I find it. It is kinda hard to see which pages are the clear ones in the pictures unless you see the glares from the flash, interesting concept the clear pages. I did take pictures of what the book looked like before I started to give you an idea of point A to point B.

Thanks for looking!

If you want a better look at any of the pages you can click on that picture and a new page will come up with a larger, better photo.


Wednesday, July 23

The Macomber Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family name origins - Trace family tree

Travel Squash Book

The store requested before I left for vacation for me to make another squash book for a class I am to teach, this time more general themed rather than baby girl/boy. So I ran down there and picked up some vacation themed items from Creative Imaginations before we left.

Well, today rather than doing laundry I opted to print out some pictures from our trip and do up this book, sample projects always are better with photos . The sooner I get it done, the sooner I can get a class on the books! So here this is, only took a couple of hours off and on, not really elaborate, just a simple book but it does have some dimensional elements to it as well.

I used 2 -6x6 canvas for front and back, Creative Imaginations travel printed papers and epoxy stickers. Wide grograin ribbon for ribbon closure and chalk inks for canvas's and for inking edges of papers. Some various buttons, paper photo corners cut with a SU punch and of course I used the cricut for the tags. Yes, I know the front says "Taavel" rather than "Travel", the letters were on the epoxy page and that is the way it came. I did call the store and had them check the remaining stock and the letters are correct on those. You still get the idea.

Sadly, we are home from Vacation

Well, vacation is over! We arrived home yesterday (Tues) about 3pm, enough time for Matt to unload the suitcases full of dirty clothes, shower and head off to work. However, we had a great trip and are all sad to see it come to an end.

My parents took the kids on a Friday; I believe it was the 11th which gave Matt and I the whole weekend together, alone. We went to a party that evening at a friend’s house, the following day he golfed while I worked around the house and Sunday we went out to a nice dinner to the Rutherford Grille up valley. We had not been there, just the two of us anyways since our very first date 9 years ago. We had a fantastic time, and we were actually seated at the same table (we think) where it all began.

Monday we headed up to my parents about an hour out of Sacramento where we spent the next 4 days in the heat (hotter than you know what), lounging by and in the pool with the kids. They love it up there, lots of room to run and play, ride there bikes, play in the dirt, go fishing, lots of outdoor activities. I did get to venture out one day and drove the hour to Rocklin to check out the scrap store called Green Tangerines, a huge store, highly recommended. I thought it carried a lot, is was more of a sterile store I call it, not real inviting or quaint maybe is the word as most the smaller brick and mortar stores, but I still managed to spend a pretty penny in there and I did get a few good ideas for some mini album classes to teach in the future.

Here is Matt and Carson playing around in pool at my parent’s house.

And this is my handsome son at the pool.

Friday we packed up and headed up to Tahoe to meet up with some friends who had invited us to join in on there annual family vacation. Mike and Jill have 3 kids of there own, but all there nephews and nieces were there as well, sisters and husbands, aunts/uncles, parents, a few close family friends and grandchildren and our gang, there were about 30 or so of us total at any given time. We have a boat and that was a hit, most of the kids aside from our own had never been on a ski boat before. The water at Tahoe is unbelievable, a beautiful blue and crystal clear, and yes a tad cold, but a refreshing cold. The kids rode bikes and played in the sand, hung out in the water, and I even got to relax in the sun in a lounger under an umbrella and read a book from front to back, (Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen), I have not read a book since we were in Cabo last spring.

Ella on her bike, between her bike and the razor scooters she is busy all day. And yes, our 3 1/2 year old, little Miss Independent can ride a bike with no training wheels!

The weather was just perfect, the company was great, it was relaxing, we met lots of new people and generally just had a good time.

We stopped at Costco on the way up there and purchased a 3 man tube to pull behind the boat, which yes, I did go on, a few times . Matt tried his best to maneuver the boat to throw me off the darn thing, but he failed, I hung on for dear life and poor Mike got thrown off every time. The kids who were brave enough to try it, had the best time and rode it over and over again. Jill’s niece Gabby was the most addicted and could not get enough, she was hilarious as she yelled and giggled, her laugh was infectious and entertained the rest of us onboard.

Matt in the Capt seat on our boat.

Ella enjoying the sun and wind in her face.
And tubing behind the boat, pictured from left to right, Mike, Gabby and myself on the far right.

Both Matt and I have been to Tahoe dozens of times, but the South Side mainly, the side with the Casinos and mainly during the winter ski season, as Tahoe is famous for both those attractions.

Isn't this just beautiful!

We both fell in love with the North Shore's, the beaches and the water, the small towns that run into each other and the majestic summer scenery. We will definitely be making this area an annual vacation spot, whether it’s boating or camping, or hotels, we will be coming back often.

Sunday, July 13


You may have wondered where the toe picture came from. No, it is not some picture I found on the web as a stock photo somewhere. Last year we painted Ella's toes for the first time and she was so excited. So, I decided one day while swimming to take a picture of her feet/toes to scrap a page on the event. My girlfriend Stacey just so happened to have almost the same shade of pink on so she held Ella still while I snapped the photo, getting Stacey's feet in the picture as well. I knew right away when I named the blog (with some help from some fellow message boarders) that this is the picture I wanted to use in the background, how appropriate huh? So Ella's foot is on the right and Stacey's is on the left, the entire picture of all four feet would not show up in the space provided, so no, it is not my actual feet, but...Stacey's toes are so much cuter than mine!

4th of July Pictures

I uploaded my cf card today, whoa I am so behind in doing so. Thought I would post a couple pictures of the rugrats from the 4th of July festivities. They both ended up with those rub-on tattoo's on each cheek! I did not mind at the time, hey, all in fun. However a week later and they were still there and the fun was over. Ella was not real pleased when I whipped out the olive oil and scrubbed them off, gosh for some cheap ones, they were on there good.

Here is my 5 1/2 year old son Carson at the July 3rd fireworks at the local country club. The kids got lucky this year, fireworks and festivities both the night before and the night of the 4th.

And Ella, our 3 1/2 year old daughter. I know, I know, the eyes! We get comments on those baby blues everywhere we go. I have no idea where they both got those eyes and lashes! My mother said both my sister and I had those eyes when we were younger, my question is, where did they go?

Saturday, July 12

A picture will last longer.

You know that saying, "take a picture, it will last longer", well it is so true and that is why I took these pictures. I cleaned up my scrap room today, well for the most part and while It was clean I decided to take a few photos because I know a week from now you would have never have known it looked like this! Why is it, I just cannot keep this space clean, uncluttered, and tidy. It drives me insane.

With our house being on the market I have craft supplies hidden in every nook and cranny I can find, our master bedroom closet, the amoire in the dining room, one of the kitchen cabinets and some in storage across town. You should see what is "under the table" in these pictures! One of the reasons for the tablecloth, so I can hide more. I know a lot of people when the house is on the market, store it all away...but I have to live here, for how long I have no idea so I am going to keep out in the open what I use. It may look a bit cluttered and most likely the room would look better to some realtors if it were emptied, but even our realtor has commented how cute it looked and gives the lookers the idea of what the room could be used for (its a "retreat" room off the master with only access to it from the masterbedroom), so with that what you see of it is staying.

The other side of the room has our monsterous computer desk and hutch (which both Matt and I hate!), a cute little shabby white table that holds my Cricut Expression and supplies and across the room near the double door entry is 2 iris carts full of 12x12 storage containers and on each one is a large cropper hopper paper carrier, the ones with the files for paper storage (and each one full weighs about a hundred pounds!).

I love my space for now, I wish it was like the rooms you see in the magazines, long countertops, tons of cabinets and shelving, a center island or something. But for now this works and its my little "get away".

Thursday, July 10

Vacation, what to do, what to do....

Starting today my husband is on vacation for the next near 2 weeks. We had plans on heading up to my parents house who live about 2 1/2 hours away. Hanging out by the pool all week, letting the kids run loose, they have 20 acres and the kids just love it. Then next friday we are heading up to Lake Tahoe for 5 days, meeting some friends, bringing our boat and just hanging out on the water and the beach all week. However, today the smoke from all the nearby fires is just awful. The Sacramento health dept has declared it not only unhealthy to go outside but dangerous to go outside and it is at a level RED, I am guessing that is not a good thing. So....our plans are gonna change, just not sure what to do. We have a RV trailor and a boat and cannot go outside to use either, maybe its time to head off to the coast for a week and pray the air quality ifs better over there and cross our fingers that the smoke clears before Tahoe next week!

Upcoming classes

Classes have started at the LSS I teach at, by the way it is called Scrapper's Depot, not sure I mentioned that before. I taught my first class last week, a card class emphazing different embossing techniques. It went well considering I just started making cards, attendance was low, I had 2 students, but the store has only been open for not even a month now and the classes just started.

I have 2 more classes "on the books", coming up in the next few weeks. We have a max of 12 spots for any class and I found out today that my Explosion Box class is not only booked full, but there is a waiting list and they want me to set a date to repeat the class so everyone interested can get in on it. Great news since my Vegas trip is coming up and I could use the extra spending money for the spa or something at the hotel! :)

Here are the samples of the two classes I have coming up, the first is the explosion box class where they will be able to pick the paper they want to use for whatever theme they wish. I will also be teaching them how to create the bow on top which is a technique they can use often for any gift giving decoration.

The second is a "squash book" class using SEI Chick-a Dee or Chick-a-Do papers in a boy or girl theme. The front and back covers are 6x6 canvas's, chalked with chalk ink and a cool folding technique using 12x12 printed papers and of course the cricut for embellishing.

The Suggestion Can (altered item)

Scrapbooking can be more than just a bound book of pictures and paper. Papercrafting can go beyond the books and cards, into home accents and frames, vases, boxes, the sky is the limit. Here I took a one gallon plain paintcan and transformed it into the stores "Suggestion Can". Using Basic Grey paper and fibers, this can coordinates with the store colors of pink and brown (great combo huh?). The cricut machine and cartridges were used for the font and flowers and the side pocket was cut from the Tags cartridge and it holds the actual suggestion cards.

A few more Store Samples

Having to post back to back, being a new blogger I have not quite figured out how to post pictures exactly where I want them in my postings. They keep ending up on top, and I cannot figure out at the why that is. Anyways, here a few more store samples for the LSS.

There is something about this picture I have always loved. Taken a few years ago, I am not even sure if Carson was a year old yet. This was taken at Grammy and Papa's property, I love this, my father and his only grandson (and the only one there will ever be) riding on Papa's shoulder, one overall strap hanging off one side, in the country, a picture to cherish.

The opening of the the Local Scrapbook Store

Living here in small town Napa, well it used to small. Our retail crafting options are pretty limited, meaning we really have none unless you consider the small sections at your local Wal-Mart and Target, not! A couple of close friends a few weeks back opened a much needed and anticipated scrapbook store in town, very exciting. Being a quote unquote partner was not really an option for many reasons at this time but I am still very much involved as a Design Team Member and instructor. I am so fortunate to be able to share my passion and creativity with others at my own leisure and look forward to meeting new people and of course making a few extra dollars in this really crummy economy.

I have been scrapping since my oldest child was born, so about 6 years now and it just gets better and better. My husband encourages me to get out there and show others what I can do, despite the fact in his words " I have taken this way beyond hobby". If I am not doing it, I am talking about it, blogging about it, message boarding about it, reading about it, so he says....what can I say, it is all true! Yes, I know more about the craft than proably any one human proably should, but you gotta have a passion right? Always artistic, I had planned out of high school on attending art school in San Diego, which never happened, and how I became a nurse with those aspirations is beyond me, but I finally have found that niche that I am good at.

As we were getting ready for the store to open we were frantically trying to get samples created to display, classes organized and on the books, and looking for and suggesting product to carry. While it is all a work in progress, we are all learning so much, owners, DT members etc...So with that I wanted to share a few of the projects I completed in time for the opening.

This is a favorite picture of mine taken this spring on a trip to Disneyland. On our way to the princess lunch the girls all decked out in the princess attire. Carson, could not be left out, we found a prince cape on ebay and a king crown at a local party store. I took a white t-shirt and some glitter glue and prince charming he was. Mine are the two on each end.

This one is one of those rare shots you get, just perfect, the tall green grass, her hair blowing just slightly to one side, priceless! This is my niece Elizabeth last year at Easter, so she was 4 at the time. Lizzie and my son Carson are just 5 weeks apart and he loves his cousin! I have been dying to scrap this picture and the paper colors were just perfect for this, they are the new SEI Scrap-a-Do.