Saturday, September 27

I won at the Kennedys Blog!

So this week one of the blogs I follow had a giveway, and I won! April who also lives here in town is someone I met through a friend and we would see each other at our yearly scrap away weekends, crab feeds, baby showers etc. Then, our boys who are are the same age attended the same preschool so I saw her very often. However, now our boys are in kindergarten at different schools and I have not seen her in forever, however I do follow her blog just to see how she is, how the kids are and of course to be nosey! LOL

So thank you April, looking forward to receiving my soaps and knowing you picked them up in St. Helena I am sure it was at some quaint little shop and I am sure they handmade and just lovely. So, now I am thinking it is my turn for a giveaway so in the next few days I will list a giveaway of my own. Perhaps it will be something I pick up while shopping or perhaps it will be something that I will make in the meantime. So keep coming back for more details.

Las Vegas

Pretty lights, flashing signs, well see that picture above, YUP! that is all I saw of the Las Vegas strip on our recent trip there in August. Matt played in the police and fire games and we stayed at the host hotel, South Point which was several miles off the strip, or rather a $30 cab ride (with tip) each way. During the day when the guys were not playing softball they were at the pool drinking beer. I choose not to partake in that all that much, had it not been 112 outside and then there is the whole putting on a bathing suit in front of all his coworkers, ya, not in a million years was that ever going to happen. We were there for 4 nights and New York New York was as far as I got on the strip. We did take a shuttle out to some resort in Henderson to see this 80's cover band called Steel Panther, and that was a really fun show. The sang everything rock from the 80's and it was also comedy, and vulgar and pretty funny really. I really wanted to see Bellagio with the dancing waters, and several other spots, but it just never happened. Here I am 39 years old (left the day after my birthday) and this was my first trip to Vegas and now I mess with Matt telling him he has to take me back, cause I still have yet to see Vegas!!! So this is the only picture I got of the lights and the city, however.....I did buy one of those postcards at the airport that had snippets off a little of everything, but that still does not count! Maybe next year on my 40th!

Family Tree- Maya Road Tree Chipboard album

This family tree album was very fun to do. I used heritge themed papers and lots of techniques, ribbon, buttons, flowers, this will be a future class I will be offering.
I used various shades of glimmer mist, ranger paint daubers,Tim Holtz crackle paints, colorbox chalk inks, Tim Holtz distressed embossing powders, diamond glaze, cuttlebug embossing, and more. The theme of my album was "my side" of our family, meaning my maiden name, my immediate family and also how its expanding. The tree album is a chipboard album by Maya Road, very inexpensive raw chipboard book comes on the metal chain attachment. Here are a few photos of various pages and techniques highlighted in the project.

Monday, September 22

A few of my household favorite things.

While cleaning the other day it donned on me how much I really like some of the items in our home over other things we may have. So, I thought I would share a few of my "favorite" things we have in our home.

This is a vintage window pane that I use as a photo frame. I eyed this thing for weeks before actually buying it, as it was not cheap. For those of you who live back east these may be a dime a dozen but out here in california they are not and lets just say for what I paid for it I could have bought 3 cricut cartridges on ebay. All the glass was intact however one of the kids over the years threw a toy and cracked one of the panes:

This is a vintage tin ceiling tile that hangs in my living room, it a pale shade of yellow and I love it.

This is a lamp we found in my grandmothers attic after she passed away. From what I understand it used to be part of a set but only one remains. For some reason I just really like the marbled looking glass not sure if it is the lamp itself or knowing that it was hers.

This is a scales of justice I built out of parts from numerous of these. It had more crystals hanging from it and again the kids got to it. I use it for candles now and feel its a fitting piece as not only does it match our decor but husband is in law enforcement so its fitting.

This is a vintage cross stitch I found online when doing Ella's nursery a few years back, I got it a good price and I really just like it. Also below is a vintage lamp that is in her room. I love the pom pom trim on the shade and the wooden girl in the swing actually swings.

And a chance find that hangs in our bedroom and I only paid $6 for it! This is a Napa Newspaper (where we live) dated in 1891. I have the whole newspaper and it sits all behind the framed glass. I love the condition it is in and reading the paper it funny to see how there was no rhyme or reason to the news, they just listed it as it went. So and so went on vacation to visit her sister, so and so is home with the flu, etc...I wish that is the only thing now days to make news! And some of the names of families you recognize as they are names still prominent in town.

CTMH "Notebook" Paper Bag Album

Below is the paper bag album we did at a CTMH gathering last weekend. They loved it! I did use a couple of things that were not CTMH, the black flower on front and the button in it and a few pieces of non ctmh ribbon. I loved how my favorite SU punch worked on the paper edges to give that torn notebook affect. And, being the coffee finactic I am I really like the new stamp set I used on the cover that looks like I placed my coffee cup on it and it left a stain. The cover wording is done with the friendship alphabet c sized stamp set that is the special of the month for september with purchase.

Ella starts preschool.

Ella started preschool the wednesday after labor day, she has been looking forward to this forever! Having watched Carson go for years and not being able to "stay" when we dropped him off last year (which at times was a battle, dragging her out by the arm)she was more than ready to start preschool. She goes every wed, thurs, friday mornings for just a few hours, however......they are both in school during this time! (can you say FREEDOM for mommy for just a little while!!). First day of school was exactly like when Carson started, not a tear, and barely a hug as she all but shoved me out the door. Seperation anxiety has never been a problem for either of my kids that is for sure. She already had a friend in the class, Savannah, which she has know for years. And, during the summer she had a dance class and met a little girl in that class who was also attending the school when it started. Hard to believe in just a few weeks, my little baby is going to be 4 years old (OK its in month but it will be here before we know it!). Here is our baby who is "bigger", her words. She now refers to herself as bigger and everything in her past happened when she "was a little girl". I hear this all the time, "mommy, when I was a little girl".......LOL
And if you know my mother Kathy, YES, as Ella gets older she looks more and more like my mother!

Saturday, September 20

Don't bother me I am scrappin!

Matt is away hunting for the next 12 days (well he has been gone already for 4 days) and I have lots to do, and the kids are at the age where they just fight and bicker all day. It just occured to me I have a swap due next week, 28 -6x6 halloween themed pages OMG! I have not even started!!! Being a single parent for the next week, what to do. I mean it is not like I can tell my 3 and 5 year old, don't bother me I am scrappin! Can I???

Update: well it's near midnight and I have been working on designing this page for awhile now, I think it is taking so long cause I am a total novice at the laptop mouse. So I saved it and did it wrong, had to start all over! For those of you unfamiliar with a ABC book, it is a book with a front and back cover and then each page represents a letter in the alphabet, hence 28 total pages. No pictures (from a camera) in the book, more of a show and tell book. So my letter in the Halloween book is the letter "N", so I choose the word night. ONe thing I did learn is that Windows Vista has this cool feature called snippet tool and it is so so easy to save a shot of your screen and save (I mean super easy!). I need to install my cricut design studio onto my new computer but I need an acccess code to do so and its the weekend. So, I am running the trial mode and can begin to actually cut the pieces early next week and put them together. Here is a screen shot of what the pages design is, and what they will look like rough draft:

I am also in another ABC book due in NOvember, it is a bible verse one which I thought would make a great gift for the kids for christmas. My letter in that one is "L", so I am going to use "Love". So if you have a favorite verse with the word "Love" in it and would like to share, please post a message with the verse, and of course the book, chapter, line etc...

Been Awhile

Yes it has been awhile since I have updated, not my fault really. Computer issues, ongoing, so I ran out yesterday and got a new computer, a laptop (my first) so now I can catch you all up, download recent pics etc...(if I ever get the hang of the keyboard on this thing!!) It has been awful not being to access everything online, email, bank accounts, the newspaper! LOL

Lots to tell but need to download pics first (after I figure out what programs this thing has!), Ella preschool pics and more. Have a great weekend, and I will be back as soon as I am caught up.