Friday, October 31

I have about half my inventory up...

took me the better part of the day, one of the disadvantages of living in the mountains, no DSL or Comcast LOL! Even with our ATT Aircard it is still very very very slow uploading pictures. I should hopefully have the rest of the fabrics up by the end of the weekend. I also have some lace for trimming and really wide lace for pages, some flocked ribbons and I just ordered several colors of twill and several different patterns of the Maya Road Sheer Ribbons with prints which are great when using acrylic albums...stay tuned for more.....


Wednesday, October 29

The Barefoot Scrapper Store is under construction....

I will be adding an online store to my blog, scrap items of course. The primary inventory in my store will be what I call "Scrap-Ties" which are Fabric strips cut 1"x18-20" ( great for ties on mini album spines, tags, bows and so much more. I currently have about 60 styles in stock and will be adding more all of the time, they will retail for .45 cents each. Each strip is cut from printed cotton fabric and the edges have been frayed. I have lots to choose from and they go with all kinds patterned scrap papers. Please stay tuned as I will be adding them to my inventory soon (uploading info takes time). I also will be adding pre-made mini albums to include chipboard albums, acrylic albums etc... here is an example of the "Scrap-Ties" and also a few examples of how you can use them: please note these albums shown are almost finished and will all be available soon in the store.

Fixed my banner

blog is all fixed, yea!

Monday, October 27

OHHHHHH Now I did it!

(insert 4 letter word here)
In an attempt to change my background from dots to stripes I lost my header that took me days to create and do........

so, looks like I am now "under construction".

Maybe if I wiggle my nose like Samantha...

it will all go away!! I seriously need a good witch to come to my house and organize my craft room. (for those of you who have no idea who I am talking about cause you are just a young thang, ask your mother! LOL). I have NO idea what happened but I don't even know where to start in cleaning, the ongoing battle of organizing, so for the last few days I just keep the door shut and have been working at the kitchen counter cause I have no space in that room to work. If anyone has any suggestions, pleeeeeease do share. It is great having my own room for this, but it does not have a closet, bummer. It is a "bonus" room off of the master and apparently the storage I have been using is just not working. That and well yes I do admit, I just have way to much stuff! So this is the state in which my room is at the moment, chaos is putting it nicely. The desk and hutch are going....if anyone local is in need of a large computer desk with hutch let me know!! It has a keyboard pullout, master power panel in the computer tower cabinet, and even a space to put your speakers, a filing drawer and one of the doors opens to a built in CD rack. It has some wear and tear and the thing is as solid as they come. We bought it new for about $1200 (I think) maybe 6 years ago (since we have been married 7, I am guessing) and would gladly take $250. We no longer have a PC for that room so it is an unneccesary piece of furniture for us at this time. So....once we get rid of that we can work on something for storage, this room drives Matt crazier than it does me I think, maybe cause none of the mess is his, LOL! So, for the now the doors will remained closed and I will enter only when I need something, problem is now I am taking over the kitchen counters....

Sunday, October 26

Future Fun "Laugh" album class...

Been working this weekend on class projects and samples. I have a sample for a class I will be teaching soon (think christmas gift!). It is an acrylic album, 10 pages total (that includes front and back cover) using one of Basic Grey new paper lines...I love this line. Now the book is completed all but the binding,and I need to round the corners of the acrylic. I am waiting for the binding machine to come in (Zutter's Bind it All Machine which can cut through paper, magazines, acrylic, thin metal etc..)and the Zutters corner rounder which can cut heavy materials such as the acrylic sheets and also metal. It will be bound in black O-wire and of course lots of ribbons and fabric strips tied to the binding. This album is titled "Laugh", again a general themed which means you can adapt it to any event! Acrylic albums are fun to make and different, you can paint of them, stamp on them with staz on ink or paint (as I have done), use rub-ons, alcohol inks and more. Here is a acrylic album I made last weekend at the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo Convention, see the white O-binding and ribbon accents, same thing just white and not black like I will be using on the class album.

Smile album, class taught by kits2remember:

Class project:

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday after school we made our annual trip to the Stanly Lane pumpkin patch. The kids always love to go...and boy was it hot that day! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the outing. I just love this one, it is my favorite!!!

Daddy had to get this shot of Carson on the tractor:

Ella and Daddy goofing around...this shot was his idea. So I am curious are there 2 or 4 pumpkin heads in this picture!

My attempt to cut on utility cost this winter..

It has been a long time since I updated really so I have lots to tell. Here is the curtain I made a few days ago. While visiting a girlfriend this past week I noted she had a "custom" curtain hanging in her hallway entrance as to only heat the "living" spaces in her home. DUH! I had done the same exact thing in our last home so why after 5 years of living in this home had I not thought of doing this I do not know. So I ran to the fabric store and picked up this heavyweight fabric (Matt hates the print, o'well) and made this curtain for our hall. Hey, anything to cut utility cost this this is not "custom" by any sewing skills consist of anything in a straight line! It is not "backed" and I have no idea how to make it on a track so I did a simple wide hem and used clip on drapery rings and hung over a decorative rod. Our entry way is very tall, this is hung on the "beam" which is several feet lower than the actual ceiling. I bought 4 yards and used about 3 1/2 of it, so its a good 10+ feet tall. It really accents the high ceiling there, thats for sure. Now it was definatly long enough but of course not really wide enough so I had to piece it on the sides....cannot see that when it is closed. The fabric was a bit pricey at $15 a yard and of course the remnent section had nothing 4 yards long but if it saves it's cost in utility fees and more, than it's worth it. Sorry the pictures are a bit off in color.

Saturday, October 25

Such a slacker...

Yes, I am a slacker. I have failed to update in weeks! I have lots to post...been working on mini albums all day and have lots of picture to take and post, but alas, no time as usual. Carson is sick, again. Matt is away hunting, again. I still have a giveaway to post (I have not forgot). Thanks to April for my soaps, I spent the morning over there one day this week and because of it, I actually broke out my sewing machine! Thanks April, you set me back over $100 on fabric! LOL
Yes, I will post pictures of what I made....but for to take care of the little ones, they both went to bed and are now BOTH awake at yes 11pm.

Thursday, October 2

The "bug" has hit !

The stomach bug or whatever nasty bug is going around, well, it it has hit our home full force. I am in a bodily fluid nightmare! Poor Carson has not been able to keep anything down since 2am, yes it was all night! Matt had it a few days ago and my stomach is not feeling quite right, Ella and I are just waiting............

Thank goodness Carson has learned (through his years of dealing with gastric reflux and a slow motility system) to make it to the toilet, Oh, it brings back flashes of the days when he did this daily, poor thing. He missed his first day of school today and it totally bummed as tomorrow is his 6th birthday and his first birthday in a big kid school and he is going to miss it.

What a bad mommy I am too, you would think having 2 little kids and a nursing background and license I would have a darn themometer in this house! Well, we do now, but only as of a few hours.....bad mommy, bad mommy. I know this is a horrible thing to say, and I do feel horrible my baby boy is not feeling well, but I have not had to tell him to leave his sister alone today, have not had to yell at him to settle down or to stop running or screaming, the lethargy is kinda nice for a change! (I know bad mommy, bad mommy!)

So....crossing our fingers it bypasses Ella and the extent of what I get is the sour and crampy tummy I have now, although there is a bright side I suppose to getting the stomach bug, I know I would lose a pound or two! LOL Keep taking your vitamins and practice good handwashing, it is going around and it is a miserable nasty bug so be healthy.........