Wednesday, January 14

I LOVE my Princess House Dish!

OK, can I tell you how much I love this cookware piece! I really do! Boy do you know your getting old when kitchenware floats your a year or two ago my friend April had a Princess House party at her home. I was not even aware that Princess House was still around, boy they have been around forever. So, I got a catalog from her, I always order from my friends who are having these in home parties or I try to at least. I would hope they would do the same if it were I having one. I usually set a dollar amount to spend, $50 or a less....well, this was one show I went above and beyond my set amount but I am so glad I did. April ranted and raved about how this casserole dish could bake and entire chicken in the microwave in just 35 minutes and have it fall off the bone. Loving the idea of "easy" I went for it and paid gosh I think it was nearly $90 if I recall correctly (maybe that was with tax and ship????) and its pretty, etched glass and I have seriously dropped the thing once or twice on the kitchen tile and it did not even chip.

SO she was right! and I use this thing ALL THE TIME! Today is Wed and I have used it twice this week already. Sunday night I made a chicken pot pie with crust and all and baked it in the oven, tonight I made the super easy chicken. Seriously you wash the chicken and put in the dish. I sometimes rub with butter, or spray with Pam, salt and pepper, sometimes lemon juice and stick the lemon in the belly to cook. Throw on the lid and cook for 35 in the microwave and wa lah! Dinner is served. So the next time your invited to a Princess House party make both yourself and the Hostess happy and order this thing!


Stefani Shea said...


It was great to see your post about our "Miracle" Dish! I, too use mine 2 to 3 times a week. Saving time and saving money are such priorities nowadays and a dish like this really helps to do both.

Email me at Princess House with your contact info and I can send you some other great recipes to try.

Stefani Shea
Director of Marketing & Programs
Princess House

Megan said...

Hi. My name is Megan. My daughter Emily now goes to the same preschool as you. I met you at Carla's. I love my chicken dish and if you want some more recipes you should go to my friend Stephanie's blog
She has created some really good ones.

It is great to see the Valentines Banner. It is way cute.

{april kennedy} said...

I used mine on Wednesday also! And then used the leftovers for Chicken noodle soup on Friday! Glad you are loving it!

It cleans up soooo easy too. Dishwasher safe!