Tuesday, October 27

Scrapbook Expo Sacramento and Melissa Frances

So much for catching up on the summer events but I had to share this. A little over a week or so ago I attended the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo, a yearly convention for both beginner and die hard scrapbookers, or artist as I like to call us. I attend every year and usually make it a "mom" weekend, arriving Thursday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon. This year however with times as such as they are I was not sure I would attend and registered very last minute. I had heard through the grapevine that Melissa Frances had been teaching her own classes throughout the year and being a huge fan of her vintage inspired product lines

I really wanted to try and get into a class. Melissa Frances is known for ecletic, vintage and shabby designs of craft/scrapbook and card making products and also as a breast cancer survivor she has an extremly popular pink ribbon line of products as well. I love the softness of her lines, the colors, the sheer vintage look to them, her style is my style, love...love...love it!

So anyways to make a long story shorter, I registered for a class called Scrapbook your Hobby and was happy to get in being I was registering so late in the process. Now the theme was not why I wanted to go but the project was cute and I did learn a few things. So day of class I show up to find out yes she was not only teaching the class but...there were only 2 of us in the class! How awesome! Not that I mind a full class but I got basically a one on one from someone I admire I guess you would say. She is talented and creative and her business is successful, she is a fighter, a mother and a fellow human being. The three of us sat at a table, Melissa across from us and the teacher aid and we did the project which did not take long at all, it was a double page spread with crepe paper flowers, love the look of those.

So..the class was an hour and a half I believe and the project took 20 min or so, so the remainder of the time we chatted it up like we had all been friends for more than an hour. I learned a lot both about the craft and also personally. Melissa was extremely friendly, down to earth and funny. To be honest I knew really nothing about her, so I had no preconceptions of her, just that I liked her style of designs and products. After getting to know her a bit I would imagine that she and her fiance would be a hoot to be around socially and they seem to make a great pair.

So anyways...that was one of the highlights of my weekend, so Thank you Melissa.

The other highlights were scrapping all day, sleeping in, being alone in my room and really being alone with no mom this and mom that, hanging out with and getting to know Tami even better (a fellow mom from my kids school that I went with) enjoying a girls night out (twice) having a few cocktails and realizing we were a few of the oldest people in the place (that hurt, LOL!) and laughing so hard at night you almost pee yourself and oh leaving for the day and coming back and having my room be clean when I got back!! Now if I could only have that happen at home.

Tuesday, October 13

Halloween Mobile

This is a fun decor item. I bought the main kit from I believe Scarlet Lime and went from there. I made each embellishment double sided since it turns and you can see both sides, If I recall the sample from the kit did not. I then which I have not finished yet as evidenced by some blank sides, placed photos of my kids in there costumes from over the years on various pieces of the mobile. The great thing about this is that as your kids get older you just add more pieces to the mobile and make it longer. The pieces are all strung together with wire which hang from a painted black embroidery hoop. I love this as I can look at how my kids have grown and how cute they were when they a witch or a tin man or whatever and.....it coordinates with my halloween banner (see post below).

Halloween Banner

Not exactly catching up chronologically but..this is a banner I made for Halloween last week. The letters were from a K&Co halloween kit I bought last year on clearance. It was a glittered purple that I painted black and then glimmer misted with Graphite glimmer mist. The embellishments vary, chipboard, stickers, acrylic, all different techniques, paints, inks, rock candy, diamond glaze, glimmer mist, JB Bingo cards, downloaded images, glitter you name it, all the tulle is torn and the cheesecloth I dyed with glimmer mist, tons and tons of buttons strung on the wires, I wish you could really see just all the detail in it. It was really fun to make and looks awesome, if I do say so myself. (remember if you want to view the pictures bigger just click on the picture you want to view).


Has it really been 3 months since I last posted, I am so bad!! I have tons to upload, Tennessee trip, Florida trip, Vegas Trip, back to school, birthday, oh I am so behind! I thought I would have so much more time now that both kids are in school all day but I am apparently not good at managing that time yet, it is a work in progress. My goal for the month of October is to get caught up....