Sunday, May 2

Estate Sale Vintage Finds

This weekend I was able to stop by some Estate Sales and I managed to find a few great things!  First we have this darling coffee table. 

 This was at a barn sale and the prices were rather high, but I managed to get out of there with a few dollars knocked off the price.  I cannot decide if I want to paint this table white, as I love being able to really see the vintage doily through the glass.  It does match our piano right now as is but thinking maybe..I can paint the entire thing white except the inside. At his particular barn sale I also got this small darling pillow cover and a few vintage kitchen towels.  I fell in love with a cream handmade crocheted tablecloth but they were asking to much and not willing to budge on the price.

At another estate sale I managed to find a couple lovely teacups and the jewelry bits cost me $2 total  The cameo is a broken pendant with also a pin backing and I am thinking I may make it into a ring, as with the center broken earring.  The butterfly pin is lovely the way it is but would also be cute as a hair accessory I am thinking.

The vase I picked up at a antique consignment store, I thought it perfect to display my Cecile Bruner pink roses I posted about earlier in the week.

At last but not least is a bench. 

I got this a month or so ago and have yet to post it but I LOVE IT!  It was up until yesterday inside the entry of my home was becoming the place where everyone would walk into the door and just drop there items off on it and walk away now resides on the porch and they now have to put there items away, what a concept!  It is so chippy and well worth the $20 I paid for it, now to find the perfect fabric to make a cushion, I am thinking a floral oilcloth.


{april kennedy} said...

Love love love the white bench. Total steal for $20!

Beach Vintage said...

I just adore those tea cups, all mis matched and lovely!