Monday, February 8

To work or not to work

Smaller house, less closets, and I have about 4 boxes left of odds and ends and I have absolutley no idea where to put it all. I will post pictures soon for someone reason my camera is not syncing with my computer all of a sudden... no idea why? Can a port go bad? I have tried all the usb ports and still nothing. So we are already heading into the second week of Feb of 2010, how is that possible, it is going to fast! It seems all my friends (high school friends) from back in the day and myself included just turned 40 and here we are turning 41, I still feel 17 what the heck? It has been nearly 10 years since I had a paying job and we are considering that as an option as the overtime for my husband has pretty much ceased and we are bringing home A LOT less than we are used too. We along with half the U.S. are in need of money and I have found creditors no matter how big or small the debt are just NOT wiling to work with you. Do I want to go back to work, I told my husband today If I had my choice that would be NEVER is always an option. Not sure how it would work with my kids schedules, and the thought of going back to work actually makes me physically ill. Seriously, talking about it with my husband and the tears were just flowing. Not to mention although I have kept my nursing license current, I would seriously need a refresher, if they even have those. I mean I am sure its like riding a bike but 10 years is a long time and I am sure A LOT has changed in the healthcare field since I was last in the middle of it. Ohhh......what to do, what to do. Can't I just win the Lottery? I don't care if it's not millions, but something substantial would be nice.

Tuesday, February 2

We moved!

well, we are moved! our house still has not sold but....we are in town! It has only been a few days now and my house is still in shambles, boxes everywhere and not sure where to put everything as we moved to a much smaller house, an older house with very little closet and cupboard space. But after spending the last 6 years driving back and forth up and down a long and winding road to take my kids to preschool or elementary school I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it is to not have to make that drive. Driving 500 miles A WEEK to bring take to my kids to and from school to living right across the street from the school....seriously like the crosswalk is in front of my next door neighbors house. I don't even have to start my car , no more fighting between the kids, no more yelling at them to hush on the drive. And the money we will save just in gasoline alone, holy bajeesis (yes, I just made that word up). and before I sign off for the evening can you just hear the excitement radiating from me right now as I am typing on my HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS,'s like the best invention ever. You may take your connection for granted but I have spent the last 6 yrs in dial-up hell----o, this is like HEAVEN!!