Sunday, July 18

Pillowcase Dress Part Two

This is an update to my earlier post today as I made another dress since then.  This one I used an actual pillowcase, again no pattern, so easy!!  I included a matching drawstring purse for her too...she loves purses.  The pillowcase I bought at an estate sale on Friday for $1.00. Perfect for summer, the vintage case is soft and cool, they just don't make linens like they used too!

Martha, Julia & Betty All Wrapped Into One

Well, that is what my girlfriend Stacie said I was a few days ago...she said I was Martha (Stewart), Julia (Child) and Betty (Crocker) all wrapped into one.  I can tell you I am a far stretch from any of those women but I do what I can do and I enjoy doing it!

I know I know, I have not blogged in a week but...I have been busy.

and Paper crafting

Last week I helped my friend Jennifer out making invites for her her daughter Scarlette's first Birthday "Pink Party".  The invites turned out so cute!  It took us about 5 hours to make them, deciding on fonts was probably our biggest challenge, huh Jen!  I cannot even begin to count how many circles we cut out for these, but in the end they turned out darling.  I also promised her a "pink banner" so I will be working on that next week. There are 5 circles strung together (I have blocked out the one with her personal info and address).


My garden is growing, fast!  I have yellow squash and zucchini coming out my ears.  I am trying to find things to do with it, and also giving tons of it away.  The other evening Ella my youngest said "Mom, what is for dinner?", I told her I was not sure, I had not decided yet.  Her reply which made me chuckle was "Pleeeease tell me we are NOT having SQUASH!"  So if you live in my area and need squash, call me!  Yesterday I made 7 loaves of zucchini bread.  Got a recipe off the internet and it was SO GOOD! 

So...on the topic of fruits and vegetables.  I have been canning.  In this last week I have canned plum jam (from neighbors tree), peach jam and peaches (from friends tree), blackberry jam (found some wild and picked them), strawberry jam (bought from a local farmer) and jalapeno pepper jelly.  The more I "can" now, the more we will save throughout the year.  I am waiting on my apple tree, corn,  tomatoes and peppers to ripen so that I can make some applesauce, juice, salsa and pasta sauce.

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Simmering...I am not one for "hot and spicy", I am a big sissy when it comes to that.  However, this is hot and sweet and is divine poured over soft cream cheese and served with crackers and or sliced french bread.

Lastly, here is a little dress I threw together this morning for Ella.  I bought this vintage sheet at a consignment store for $2 about a month or two ago and loved the print and the ruffle on the edge.  Most of the sheet was white but I knew I could make her a dress using just the bottom and including that darling ruffle.  This is a  pillowcase type dress and I did not use a pattern.  Watched a You-Tube video to get the jist of it and went to town.  It took maybe 20 mins to make and I think it is DARLING!!!  I just love it...

I have a few more pillowcases and sheets in the dryer as I type that I picked up at an estate sale on Friday for cheap. It is still early enough I could probably knock out a few more before the days end. 

Friday, July 9

An Award for Moi, Why Thank You!

So I was informed I was tagged with this blog award by Blonde Steel Magnolia so hop on over there and check out her blog and Thanks so much for thinking of me!!

The rules:
*Thank the person who gave you the award.
*Tell seven things about myself you might not know.
*Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
*Let your nominees know about the award

So here are seven things about me....I am really gonna have to think about this one!

1. In high school I never went to a formal dance, no proms, no turnabouts, not a one. (my husband says he will take me to one if I really want to go, can you imagine a 40+ year old in a formal at a prom!!)

2.  In high school my plan was to go to art school after graduation, so how did I end up in Nursing School?

3..  I went to beauty school to become a manicurist oh nearly 20 years ago and finished but never took the state boards, all that dust and acrylic smells gave me headaches!

4.   I have 3 tattoo's.  Purple pansies and a small butterfly on my left ankle, 2 butterfly's (a large one and a tiny one) on the top of my right foot and the Leo Zodiac symbol on my hip.  The one on my foot I got with my younger brother (siblings bonding with pain) and the one on my hip I got with my dad (he got one too!) when were in Cabo several years ago.

5.  My husband and I went to the same high school (he a year ahead of me), we grew up 2 streets away from each other, we both worked at the same resort in the early 90's and he dated a friend of mine briefly.  I knew "who" he was and vice versa but we never would have dated.  Well...15 years later we changed our tunes when we actually "met" and have been together ever since.

6.  I have had over 20+ jobs in my life, probably closer to 30!  I have done it all...Mervyns, Telemarketer for Olan Mills, Drug Store Clerk, Kmart, Pizza Place Hostess, Frozen Yogurt Store, Weight Loss Clinic, Home Health Aide, Hotel Front Desk, Bartender, Busser at Restaurant, Movie Theater, Dental Office Housekeeper, Nursing Home Aid at like 6 places I think, Charge Nurse in Nursing Home (3 places), Postpartum and Nursery Nurse, OR tech in Labor and Delivery, Medicare Chart Reviewer and that's all I can think of at the moment.  And oh....I was only "fired" from 2 of them way back in my youth.  :)

7.  Lastly....I "love" soap opera's, yup daytime drama.  It is true, I do.  Tivo them and watch them at night after everyone has gone to bed, when it is "my time".

Now for my Nominee's

Monday, July 5

CVS Shopping Adventure 7/5

So tonight after the kids settled and hubby was home I set out to CVS by myself.  My list in hand and my coupons in order, this couponing is becoming a challenge I am going to win!  Sure I may hold up the line as I figure out what goes where and the checker figures out what coupon goes with what but you know but I really don't feel all that bad about it really LOL!  So tonight this is what I came home with...

The Dove Conditioner was on sale 2/6.00 and I had a 1.25 off coupon
The Dawn Dish soap was on sale for .99 (these mid-size ones are great for the camping trailor)
The Starbucks drinks were on sale for 4.99 a pack and I had a 1.00 off coupon
The popcorn was on sale for 1.00 (we are going to our FREE Regal Theater Movie tomorrow so I needed my popcorn to bring along in my purse).
this was one transaction and I also used a .50 CVS buck, a 3.00 one, a 5.00 one and a 2.00 one

Second transaction:
The candy I will put away for those times when you have a sweet tooth, we don't usually buy candy but they were on sale for 2/1.00 and when you bought 10.00 worth you got a 3.00 CVS buck (see above, note I had already bought some earlier so you are only seeing 5.00 worth).
The cereal was on sale on sale 3/10.00 and you got a 5.00 CVS buck (see above)
The Sobe drinks are regulary 1.59 each on sale for buy one get one free. I had 4 buy one get one free coupons which means I got all 8 of them for FREE. (they apply the free one on the coupon to the one you would have to pay for on the BOGO sale).  This little trick I learned online while checking out couponing blogs.

I did this in 2 transactions so that I could use the CVS bucks I was earning in the first transaction on the second one, that I had to figure out quickly at the register on what to put in what transaction to save me the most.

So the price would have been $50.83
after all my coupons and CVS bucks and sale prices I paid a total of $12.43
a savings of $38.43
Imagine the cost if I had bought everything at regular price with no coupons!!

and....I earned 2% back in CVS bucks to be awarded to me in October.