Thursday, August 26

Flying, I am Flying!!

Before I begin this post I just wanted to warn you.  My friend Jennifer reminded me today that I had not blogged in weeks, I know, I know! The cord to my camera is not working and its such a pain to upload through the printer/scanner so I just kept putting if off.  So I broke down tonight and updated finally, and caught up on the last 3 weeks.  So when your done reading this one, keep reading on down cause I think in the last hour I have posted 5 or 6 new postings!

Our next door neighbor is also a pilot and has been bugging me for months to go up with him.  Now I am not necessarily afraid of flying a big plane, a big big plane.  A small 4 seater plane...well, that does make me nervous. After enough badgering I agreed.  Initially I wanted "one" parent on the ground, you know in case something happened but in the end we all ended up going.

Matt getting the plane out of the hanger.

I was the co-pilot, cool  huh?  At the beginning of the flight he went over all the instruments and told me what to do should something happen.  You know a 5 minute flying lesson while my kids are aboard, nice!

It was not as bad as I had anticipated although it was like flying in a tin can.  I get car sick, sea sick and yes a little queasy in the air but I survived. We flew from Napa on over to the coast, and about half way there he let me take over. 

Look Ma, I am flying!!

Yup, I got to fly it.  I did really good. he was impressed.  He said most beginners move  the plane up and down, up and down and did not do that, not even once!  When it was time to descend a bit I took it slow dropping about 300 ft a minute, without instruction and he said that was just about exactly the right rate to decline. Course it is easy to take over when he is sitting right there, can you imagine if he had passed out or something during the flight OMG!!  We headed up to Jenner and flew right over the ocean.  When I say right over, I mean it literally, like as close as 40 or so feet from the water. He was flying at this point obviously.   Very cool! 

Flying at the Coast

Looking Upvalley, look at all those vineyards!

Ella enjoyed it so much, well you can see how much she enjoyed it!

First Day of School 2010

It is official, school is back in session and I have a first grader and a second grader!  The kids are very excited as there cousin Lizzy (middle) is now going to the same school this year.  Gonna be great we rarely see her and since school started she has already been over twice for a playdate after school.

Ella, Liz and Carson

Cottage Charm Giveaway win

I finally got the item I won in the Cottage Charm Giveaway. (I have had it actually for many weeks now but am just now blogging about it.) It is a vintage cream colored platter with a vinyl monogram M, for our last name.  The platter edges are a tiny bit scalloped and I even love a little chip in the side. It is "just darling" and since I already had a wall with several "M's" it fit right in! 


My garden is going really well, I have more squash than I know what to do with and my kids are about done with it.  I have been trying to can whatever I can get my hands on the more I can now, the more we will save throughout the year.  In the last few weeks I have made the most "amazing" pickle relish, applesauce, more jams, nectarines and this last week salsa.  Oh how I love homemade salsa.  We have a tiny kitchen, I miss my old kitchen more than anything in that house. We have little ventilation (no hood fan) and no A/C and canning in the house is!

Several years ago for Christmas I bought my husband an outdoor camp stove, something he had wanted.  However 5 or 6 years later it was still in the box so we came up with the idea of  "finally" opening it up and setting it up outside so I could can out there.  It was a brillant idea and works awesome.  It has 3 burners and fits all my large pots perfectly.  So steam away jars and keep that heat "outside".
My very primative outdoor kitchen.

Lots and lots of Salsa

My 41st Birthday

How on earth can I be 41?
It feels like just a few weeks ago I was hanging out with out my high school friends!
Well, I do still do that, but I meant hanging out with them and being 17.
Last year I celebrated in Vegas,
this year nothing so exciting.
Went and got a pedicure,
and bought myself a cake.
We cannot afford anything else,
so no gifts.
Well, I thought I was getting no gifts.
My girlfriend Stacie got me a cute nightshirt with a funny saying ,
and another girlfriend sent me some little items in the mail that I just loved.
Later that week my friend Stacie called me and invited her and her family over for dinner,
it was actually quite funny.
She called and said can we come over for dinner,
I am bringing it!
Sure...I don't have to cook,
come on over, LOL!
She was so sweet,
she had made me this "divine" chocolate and strawberry birthday cake with ganache
 (did I even spell that right)
it was heaven!

Let me just birthday was 2 weeks ago LOL!  I am just now getting to blog about it.  But, today is my parents wedding anniversary.  Happy 44th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Finally...we went somewhere this summer.

Nothing like finally going somewhere this summer, right before school starts.  We finally got to use our camping trailor and headed off towards the coast to go camping for a few days.  We had a blast, it was to short, and we cannot wait to go again.  It was cold and windy and my back was killing me from sleeping on the trailor bed, but again all worth it to spend some time with good friends, my hubby and our 2 littles.

Mud pies anyone?

Our Ella, loves the outdoors mud and all...

The "grown-ups"

My friend Stacie and I

Playing with a dead minnow,oh to be a kid again.

Hubby skipping rocks in the river.

Tuesday, August 3

What seem's like nothing...

I have been busy, busy...
doing what seems like nothing~!

My kids have been gone visiting my parents,
they come home today.

I have managed to clean most of the house,
but have decided what I have not finished,
will still be there for whenever.

I have been doing a lot of canning.
corn, nectarines, peaches and lots of jam.
So, I suppose, I have accomplished something.
But...nothing exciting.

We have plans to go camping,
We have not gone anywhere all summer,
and school starts in 2 weeks. 
 Not happy!

I did make this banner yesterday,

I think it turned out darling.

My girlfriend Jennifer at Rosey Little Things has
a daughter turning "one" soon and her "1st Birthday Pink Party"
is this coming weekend.  We will be out of town,
but when I helped her make the invites I told her I would
make a banner for little Scarlette I did.
Of course I waited till the last minute, as usual.

The scalloped squares are pages from a Bazzill mini album I took apart.
They were already precut and prepunched,
all I did was ink the edges.
The shabby design floral paper I applied to them,
is wrapping paper I had here at home.
The chipboard letters and fancy oval ornate things are made by
Tattered Angels.  I inked them pink and then used some
Martha Stewart clear glitter on them and tied the whole thing
together with white tulle.  Shabby cute and perfect for her Pink
Decor.  Jen said she "loved it" and I am so glad!

Don't you love my vintage armoire it is hanging on? 

It is from Europe and is over 100 years old. 
It actually comes apart,
it consist of 11 pieces in all.

They made it that way because the hallways and
entry doors in Europe are very small and narrow.
If made in one piece,
it would never fit.

It has it's quirks,
and I have had to drill a screw into it here and there,
but I love it!