Wednesday, September 29

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Yesterday a girlfriend of mine Tami,  had a Make and Take at her house for a bunch of us moms after school drop-off.  The project...a felt Halloween countdown calendar.  She adapted the idea from the Pottery Barns Kids Calendar at only at 1/3 of the cost and...we got to hang out, chit chat, and have fun creating.  Each person did there "own thing" so each one looked different and so original!  I choose a pumpkin orange (not bright) felt for the squares which Tami had even pre-cut for everyone.  She had also pre-cut all the black felt, painted all the dowels and...provided each one of us with a goodie bag full of embellishments for the craft. 

She is the BEST!

 I also had brought along some of my own embellies and ribbon etc...We have decided you can take one item and move it from pocket to pocket each day (one gal had a felt pumpkin) could fill each pocket with candy and on each day you kids would get to empty the pocket.  So I have 2 kids I would put 2 pieces of candy in the pocket and they would each get one...each day.

I did sew each pocket on the 3 sides, only 2 of us did that and I have another "kit" to make another one and I am not going to sew that one.  Many of my pockets are crooked, tilted etc...but everyone seemed to like that look so I guess I lucked out.

Few points we learned during the process:

  • The Cricut machine even with a deep cutting blade and thin stiff felt does NOT work well! ( I ended up hand cutting the title and resorted to my scrapbooking supplies for the numbers to include vinyl, plastic and chipboard numbers).

  • Hot glue gun works MUCH better attaching felt to felt than fabric tac and is much cheaper.

  • Do not limit yourself on time to complete.  It was thought it would take about 2 hours and 4 hours later we were finally finishing.

  •  Be creative and have fun with it!!
The finished product!
The kids loved it and cannot wait for me to fill with treats.

 and...full of candy!  Now the trick is to keep the little hands off!

Thursday, September 23

Giveaway time...Boo to you!

As promised earlier this week I am offering up a giveaway for one lucky reader.  Now that it is "officially" autumn and since Halloween is right around the bend I am going to offer this darling little Halloween themed mini scrapbook album made by moi.  Item is finished and just waiting for your photos.  This project I made last year (I think) at a Basic Grey class I took, so yes all the papers are made by Basic Grey.  The class was offered by Kelly Goree  and once the class was over I took the album home and glammed it up "my way" adding my own little touches throughout. 

Super cute!

Since this is themed for October the giveaway will run until October 1st at noon California time.  I will be using the Random Generator to pick a winner and will notify the winner once I have done so. 

How do I enter?
Well, you do not have to be a follower to enter but if you would like to follow I would love that.  So the only thing you have to do which is mandatory is leave me a comment on this post telling me what your "favorite" family fall activity is.  Great way to share and pick up ideas for new family fun.  If you do not have a blog please make sure to leave a valid email address in your comment so that I will have a way to contact you should you win.

Good Luck!

Saturday, September 18

Giveaways- to give and to get

This week I registered for my yearly scrapbook getaway to a local scrapbook convention in Sacramento, the Scrapbook Expo and it has got me so wanting to create again.  It has been forever since I have scrapped, sewed or "made" something and it has been all I have been thinking about this week.  I am vowing right now to make the time...

With that said I have a entire basket full of mini scrapbook albums I have made that are just waiting for some photo's.  I love to make these little memory books and so...check back in a few days as I will be having a "Giveaway" for one of my little treasure books.  I love "giving" as much as "getting" and it is my turn to make someones day by offering one of my little handmade treats.

And speaking of "Giveaways" I wanted to share a few of my recent wins from giveaways I have entered and won...I love winning something special and unexpected and I love running out to the mailbox to find my little package waiting for me.

This recent win was from a giveaway I entered at Penguin's Gift , actually it has been some time since I received this package but I tucked it away for my daughters soon to be 6th birthday.  I won a child's bracelet from Joann who is a  Stella and Dot consultant.  I had the joy of picking "any" child's bracelet in the catalog and I let my daughter "help" without her actually knowing it was for her.  She picked the Mini Soiree bracelet with faux pearl acrylic beads and a sparkly pave ball (also available in a Coral and Turquoise color).  The bracelet is darling!  It came in an adorable reusable little metal tin and I know my little Ella is just going to love it!

Today I received my most recent win from the giveaway at Eye Candies Blog for a Stacey Winters Photography Original Handmade Necklace from her Etsy Shop.  A "darling" little photograph pendant necklace with an original photo set in a antiqued pendant 1" x 1" preserved in resin.  What a great little accessory and being the crafter than I am I truly not only appreciate the theme of the picture but the workmanship in taking the photo, setting it, applying the resin etc...I have made a few similar rings and the resin is not easy to get bubble free and flat.  Thank you Stacey!

Sunday, September 12

Just a small vent....


So yesterday I registered for my annual scrapbook getaway weekend to a local convention here in California.  I go once annually.

Now hubby and I have not "fought" about it but I am detecting a "little" attitude....

I mention it and he says "oh, I cannot go hunting but you can go scrapbooking"?
(can we even compare the cost?  Not even close!)

This year because finances are tight I have canceled all my scrapbook subscriptions to any and all kit clubs and the only "craft" items I have been buying is "glue".  Using what I have, and it's so hard to resist all the new products, but...I have been SOOOOOO good!

Next he says "how are you going to pay for it"? 


This morning he calls and asks what weekend it is, when I tell him he ask what days of the week and then he hangs up.  


Can I mention I got our room for 2 nights (split by my girlfriend and I) at the Sheraton Grand for only $45 a night by using some points I had.  Regular rate is $120 a night!!

Yea for me and watching our finances.

So I got to thinking and now am bugged a bit.

How many Giants baseball games has he gone to this year (yes we got free tickets but gas, food, parking), a concert and how many golf games has he played this "year" while I was at home doing nothing? 


And I accomdated him.

I budgeted for it.

I may have given him a little tude, I admit. seems it is always something, when always I do NOTHING.


just needed to vent!