Tuesday, June 28

6 Months of Printables from Anna & Blue Paperie

I won!  yea me!  6 months of printables from Anna and Blue Paperie.  I love the name of her blog (I have a very unactive blog and Etsy site called Paperie Pretties). Go check out her blog...she has the cutest printable and party ideas, some serious cuteness!  Here is an example she posted on her giveaway post.

(photo from Anna and Blue Paperie)

The funny thing is...we were away camping for the last 5 days (will post about that later, winning was much more exciting) and we had no cell service but we had wi fi (hit and miss).  So I was outside kicking it in my lounge chair reading my facebook and read her giveaway post.  Knowing I really wanted to put my name in the hat I ran inside the trailer and checked to see if I could get connection just long enough to enter...which I obviously did.

Thanks so much to Stefanie for offering this giveaway!


BECKY said...

Hi Lisa!

Congrats on your win! WOOHOO!! Lucky you! I love winning giveaways, but then who doesn't??!!

Hope you're having a great week!
Love the pics on the previous post! Looks like fun!! I haven't camped since last year! I only go with my youngest when I can go to my sister's during fall or spring. Florida is just too hot, and there are to many bugs and varmits running around!!

Hope to be able to visit more often, and am following you now!!
Have a delightful evening! :o)

Gretchen said...

Giveaway Queen..... Congrats :)