Friday, June 24

We Interrupt this Camping Trip to...

BLOG!  We are currently camping at Albion River Campground for the next 5 days and whoo hoo, we have WiFi! No cell phone service, but I can blog!  Albion is located on the coast of Northern California, near Fort Bragg.  The sun is shining, is darn windy and COLD!  Therefor , I slipped away to go inside the trailer and warm up my toesies and get a chance to clown around on the "puter".  So glad I brought it!  We have camped here before, but always with a different group of friends.  This go round we are with a group of my husbands co-workers.  I don't really know any of them, don't know the wives, and the site they booked us is not real close to needless to say I am a little bored, and COLD! 
The guys may go abalone diving in the morning, better them than me!  The kids are off riding bikes it bad I don't know where they are at the moment?  Did I already mention is COLD? 

Well...guess I will go clown around on Pinterest for awhile...but before I do, thought I would share a few pictures of us in all morning camping glory.

Ella, all smiles at 7am.

AHHHH....morning coffee!

The husband not feeling to "chipper" after one to many cocktails last night.
Carson goofing around.
Good Morning!


Jeannine said...

Have tons of fun!

Jessica Havican said...

wifi, but no cell phone service. That's hilarious! But cool cause it gives you something to do right? Just wanted to say we got our package and we are enjoying all of the little lovelies that were inside. My daughter has especially taken interest to the green "rattle". Thanks again for an awesome giveaway!

Gretchen said...

Camping IN a trailer WITH WiFi??? I MIGHT be able to handle that.... but probably not! My idea of fun is a hotel room with a pool and WiFi and a COMFY bed :-)

BUT... we used to camp in Albion and Fort Bragg when I was growing up (and Half Moon Bay, Bodega Bay, Shelter Cove, Eureka, and a few others I have forgot.... got to follow the fish, you know?) and I remember they were ALWAYS cold!