Wednesday, July 27

Mama Bird

Sometime last week I walked out our front door, which we rarely use, to walk down to my garden. When I opened the door to step out a bird flew away which caught my attention, and then I saw this...

a bird had built a nest in the floral wreath we have on the door.

So every couple of days I have been checking in on it.

It got a little bit bigger...and every once in a while I will pull back the curtain from inside and see the Mama bird sitting a spell.

And then two days ago...

I peeked in a saw an egg! 

 A tiny little blue egg. 

 I texted my husband and told him all about it and then I told him not to tell the kids...I don't want them to disturb the nest.  I was very excited...and my husband thought it was pretty cool too.  He said he wished we could film it and then time lapse it so we could watch the progress.

And then today...

two little tiny blue eggs!

  I locked the front door to deter the kids from using it.

And then of course my 6 year old did and slammed the door...I cringed.

But...everything is intact, no harm done this time, I checked.

I did a little research and read that the Mama Bird will lay one egg each day for up to 5 days.  The incubation period is approximately 12-14 days in order in which they were laid.  The baby birds then take up to 2 weeks to leave the nest.  This should be an interesting cycle to watch, and I will be sure to update as it progresses.

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Donna @ The House on the Corner said...


I love birds! We had a bird (don't know what kind) that built her nest in our mailbox three years in a row - I put a sign on the mailbox and a basket underneath and left a note for the mailman to put the mail in the basket. It was a major consideration for me when we put a new mailbox out - I knew she wouldn't come back - and she didn't.