Wednesday, July 27

Mama Bird

Sometime last week I walked out our front door, which we rarely use, to walk down to my garden. When I opened the door to step out a bird flew away which caught my attention, and then I saw this...

a bird had built a nest in the floral wreath we have on the door.

So every couple of days I have been checking in on it.

It got a little bit bigger...and every once in a while I will pull back the curtain from inside and see the Mama bird sitting a spell.

And then two days ago...

I peeked in a saw an egg! 

 A tiny little blue egg. 

 I texted my husband and told him all about it and then I told him not to tell the kids...I don't want them to disturb the nest.  I was very excited...and my husband thought it was pretty cool too.  He said he wished we could film it and then time lapse it so we could watch the progress.

And then today...

two little tiny blue eggs!

  I locked the front door to deter the kids from using it.

And then of course my 6 year old did and slammed the door...I cringed.

But...everything is intact, no harm done this time, I checked.

I did a little research and read that the Mama Bird will lay one egg each day for up to 5 days.  The incubation period is approximately 12-14 days in order in which they were laid.  The baby birds then take up to 2 weeks to leave the nest.  This should be an interesting cycle to watch, and I will be sure to update as it progresses.

Saturday, July 23

ADHD Follow Up and a Thank You

First I would like to thank all of those who commented on my last post Life with an Angry ADHD Child.  Some of you were anonymous,  others I tried to reply to but could not.  I read each comment, sometimes twice and I thank you for your stories, each one made me cry, we are in this together.  So a huge "Thank You" for sharing with me.

I had planned on making it a series, not so sure now, we will see.  It is easier to post into the "Internet unknown" then to try and talk about it with people whom are close to me.  As much as they think they understand...they don't.  It is definitely one of those situations where you have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

We had his med review a few weeks ago.  His diagnosis was confirmed and he does have a mild defiance disorder.  Well...mild according to the doctor, again...walk a mile in my shoes.  They/we, decided to keep him on his Concerta at the moment and we added Tenex for the impulse control and outburst. It has only been a couple of weeks since we added that and he spent the last week at his grandparents. My Mother said "he was not the same kid", she said he seemed "spacey",  he has been back a few days now and I am not seeing that.  I do know the Tenex has made him tired on several occasions, has not helped with his sleep issues, but...I do think it has helped with his anger, my husband says the jury is still out.

We are having the typical issues at bedtime this week.  The crying, the "I can't sleep", the never ending it seems battle at bedtime.  We have been up at all  hours of the night dealing with this and are physically and mentally exhausted.  I do have to say he is not getting so worked up that he is going into a fit of rage like he used to.  Sure he says a few of the hateful things but nothing like he used to, I hope I did not just jinx that.  He is crying, but it is more crying than screaming and no physical outburst (yet) no throwing things, no slamming doors no getting into such a place we cannot get him out of.  So for that I think the Tenex maybe working.

I do think he is manipulating us...big time!  So is this his ADHD or just normal kid behaviour?  How do you tell?  When he was at  his grandparents he went to bed every night, fell right to sleep and slept all night, every night without incidence.  Great for them!  So...why is it the first night he is back we were back to the same old thing and every night since, this drives me insane!  If I ask him if he could sleep in our room would he be able to sleep and he says yes.  So..I know he is playing us, because he wants to sleep in our room.  Foot down, he is not, enough is enough.  He cries he is "scared".  Is he really?  Or again...just a game to get what he wants.  He has this fear of someone breaking in, and stealing him, we have heard this over and over.  As a parent how do you know when a fear is just that or when they are taking it above and beyond to again...manipulate to get what he wants.  My husband made him some sort of deal about walking around the house and checking things out at bedtime...if this works..great!  We are desperate.

Our daughter is now visiting the grandparents, I am so glad she is gone while we "try" and work on this.  When he is awake ...we are all awake, so I am glad she is away for a few days.  I am trying to cut down on the yelling and getting mad at bedtime.  I know it does not help anyone, but it is so hard when it is 1 or 2 or even 3 am and your tired to keep it "all in check". 

School starts in a few weeks, I am nervous about that...but that is another story for another time.

Tuesday, July 19

Scrapbooking Disney Mini Albums

I have been busy busy the last few days...and not busy doing housework!  Wanting to add some "handmade" items to my Etsy Store I decided to get out my Disney box loaded with stuff and get to work...and work I did.  I have not scrapped in FOREVER!  A good 9 months maybe and once I got into , I remembered how much I enjoyed it!  It took me 3 days to make 4 mini albums and my dining room was a DISASTER! I miss my craft room at our previous home.  I set up a kids table and chair next to me and my 6 year old daughter Ella sat next to me as we "created".  She is so cute...she made her own creations "to sell" and even put prices on them.  She asked me yesterday if anyone had "bought"her stuff yet?  I think I will put them away and tell them someone did and give her the money...she will be so excited!

Each album took me about 8 hours to make.  I would set pages aside to "dry" and move onto the next.  When each page was dry I would then continue to work on it until I felt it was complete.  It may have taken longer than I usually take, but I pay attention to detail and there are tons of detail in these.  Here are a few snaps of them.  Two are acrylic, in the shape of Mickey's head, one is a smaller chipboard tiered Winnie the Pooh themed and the last I made is a larger one with an acrylic cover and lots of chipboard pages. I got so carried away in fact making pages I forgot to leave one side plain for the back cover so I had to make another page.  Luckily I had a box made from chipboard material so I got out my exacto knife and cut away...funny girl!

All of these designs are mine and are original so please do not copy for resell. But please do bookmark for idea's...I get so much inspiration and idea's from others and would enjoy you getting the same from little ole me.  Warning...lots of pictures to follow and of course they look so much better in real life.

Album One 

Album Two

Album Three

Last one!

(couldn't get this one to fit so click on picture and you see the full view)

Wednesday, July 13

Ruffle Foot for Sewing Machine ...Let Us See Your Creations

time for a quick catch up.  I have been listing things at my Etsy store, keeping busy with the kiddo's and just living the dream....LOL! is in my plans to buy a ruffle foot for my sewing machine.I have been wanting one for oh...maybe 6 or more months.   I have so so many ideas swirling in my head, a ton of vintage sheets I want to use and now to find the time.  So...I am asking you, if you have a project you would love to share using your ruffle foot ...please do!  I would LOVE to see them and I am sure others would too.  Leave the link in the comments section or email me the info and pictures and I will feature it here...

Looking forward to any submissions!

Monday, July 11

Great Giveaway for the Cardmaker or Scrapbooker

It has been a week or so since I have posted...4th of July events, shopping and loading items into my Etsy store, church activities for kids, canning jams...the list goes on and on.  But I did want to quickly share with a great giveaway over at Going Buggy.  3 prizes up for grabs, all great!
The first:
Promarker Set
(I have personally never tried a pro-marker but would love too!) I have heard they are amazing and if you don't believe me wait till you see Prize #3 that Enfy colored with them.
Prize #2  Cricut Cartridge-Elegant Edges
(can I be honest here...I have not purchased a new cartridge in 2 years or more, so I would love to get my hands on this one!)

And Prize #3
Handmade card by Enfy (Going Buggy) herself.

Amazing work she does.

So if your interested in throwing your name in the running for some new crafty things, head on over.

Will update more about moi at a later time.