Monday, January 4

Oh, is it really 2010?

Well, yes it is me, shocker I know! I was at my girlfriends house the other day and she was browsing online and informed me I really needed to update my blog. So Stacey, here ya go! It is hard...once you slack a bit, its hard to get back to it. It takes me FOREVER where I live to upload any pictures so I put it off. So lets see...2010. Are you kidding me? Back when I was a little kid, which really, seems like not so long ago, the year 2010 seemed like an eternity away. Far in the future where we would be driving around in the sky in sleek air mobiles and living like the Jetsons. Well, here we are, 2010. No driving in the sky, no Rosie robots to clean my house, but isn't life still grand? So what do I want for 2010? I am sure the same as most, to lose weight (and a lot of it!!!), to kick a bad habit or two, to pay off bills or pay down, good health, spend more time with my dear friends, more "quality" time with my husband and kids. Learn to cook better, and to sew better and maybe even take a cake decorating class. Work on my lack of patience at times and maybe even go to church. Find the time to actually scrapbook, which I have not done in months and miss so much. Although a faster internet connection would be high on my list of wants as well...I uploaded some songs from itunes while I was in town the other day (got me an Ipod for Christmas)and I seriously almost teared up at how fast it uploaded at my girlfriends house. It can take me anywhere from 12-14 HOURS, yes hours to upload an album at my home. Ok "annoying"...typed 2 more paragraphs and somehow I deleted them!! so without having to retype it all I will show you a few materialistic things I want in 2010, don't worry nothing outrageous, I am easy to please. While checking out some of my favorite blogs I came across these chair pads. I have no idea where she got them but I want them, in a different fabric of course. Really, there are so many things on her blog that I want, bad! To many to list or to show you, but with little kids and a husband who would definatley protest I just have to dream about having a home look like this. Now back to those adorable chair pads, Hmnnn...wonder if should attempt to make them myself, that may fall under my learn to sew better. and I found these adorable throw pillows on Etsy tonight, so cute!! The seller is TwoYellowShoes (my darn link feature is not working...again) and I just love love love these pillows and they would look darn cute on my couch. Not in the immediate budjet but one day.... Well, I am impressed, only a few days into the new year and I have already blogged....gotta keep it up, gotta keep it up, cause I really do like to do it.