Monday, August 1

Many New Scrapbooking Layouts this Weekend

I was a busy girl!  This past weekend I made lots of new premade scrapbooking layouts for sale in my Etsy store Friday Morning Finds.  I pay "great attention to detail" and there are a ton of details in each and everyone for sure.  I inked, I glittered, I pondered...walked away, came back, was inspired and uninspired at times.  I machine stitched on I think every one and spent probably to much time on them, but cannot list until I am happy with the end result.  In all toll, I made 10 layouts, one of which was a 2 page spread and I made about 10 cards. you know how I spent my last few days, did you create this weekend? 

Here is just a small sampling of what I have been working on.
(for a larger shot with more details, click on each picture. These collage pics do not fit well within the blog column parameters).