Friday, January 21


that has been the sounds most commonly heard in our home lately.  Dec 19th I got sick , I remember the day well as it was the kids first day of winter break.  Then my darling son got sick a day or two later and it lasted for a week or more. A week or so later Daddy got it and then Ella. 

 But wait we are not done, we are in the 3rd week of January and not only has Ella been sick for over a week with walking pneumonia,  but guess who got it!

  Yup, I am sick again, and not happy about it. 

Achy, coughing, lethargic, this is no fun! 

I have a high school girlfriend in town from Delaware until Sunday and I have yet to meet up with her.  I have had to cancel plans twice this week with her.  Crossing my fingers I feel up to meeting with her tomorrow, we are supposed to go wine tasting up valley.
. If not it will have to be the next time she visits. 

 Maybe some fresh air will do us all good!

Monday, January 17

Vintage Beach Themed Printers Tray

I have had this 7 Gyspsies printers tray in my craft cabinet for oh maybe a year and a half.  It came with a Jenni Bowlin kit I had purchased and I just never knew what to do with it, until now that is.  Our main hallway bathroom is decorated in a vintage beach theme. Shells, vintage bottles and even a metal sand shovel are just a few of the items I have in there.  I have been collecting a few things here and there and putting them aside thinking I might use them in my project.  Vintage journals I had found at an estate sale, vintage sheet music, buttons, flowers, lace, seashore themed patterned papers from October Afternoon, and alas I finally set aside some time today to complete.  Perhaps when looking you might be wondering who might the people in the photo's might be. Curious if perhaps if it a grandmother, or my father as a child. I can tell, I have "no" idea who these people pictured are, funny huh?  They may very well be related to you! I bought the majority of the pictures on Etsy.

It started off looking like this:
and after dry brushing, glimmer misting, sanding, scraping, gluing, cutting, placing and such this is what it looks like now.

and here are a few "close-ups"

Monday, January 3

Vintage Paper Wreath

I finished a project this morning I started a month or so ago, a wreath made from vintage music paper and and old vintage Tom Sawyer book.  I have seen several of these online and I really liked them and having everything I needed already for the project I really wanted to make one.  I made the wreath part at a girl's weekend I went on (crafting weekend) a month or so ago however still needed to finish out the center. Which I did this morning with a cream colored lace backed with a green ruffled ribbon and topped of with a couple of vintage buttons The wreath is actually quite large measuring approx 16" across on all sides. This project is not my husbands favorite, he in facts hates it.  But...I hate the huge fish hanging in our house so all is fair, correct? 

Sunday, January 2

Today I hung...

another of my "free cycle" finds.  If your not familiar with Free cycle check out an old post of mine here which better explains it.  I got this one last week, and finally today cleaned it all up.  My "free find" included not only all the plates but the shelf as well and the "previous" owner had hot glued all the plates on the shelf so there was lots of glue to scrape off .  The plates are a little over 3" in diameter and are Franklin Fine Porcelain "Songbirds of the World" Signature Edition 1981.  I had thought about painting the shelf and "shabbying" it up but after it was hung I rather like the darker color, which is funny because that is so not my taste.