Monday, December 22

Ella got a new bed....well she will think so!

My baby girl is going on 5 years old, how did that happen? Now granted she will not have another birthday for 10 more months but Kindergarten enrollment is just a few weeks away. So with that I thought it was time to move her out of her "crib" and into a big girl bed. So, I just did, well sort off. She has one of those generation cribs as her brother did only in a different color, these cribs goe from a crib to a toddler bed to a full size bed headboard and footboard. Now when Carson was 18 months old he went from the crib to the toddler bed and then at 28 months we bought him a twin bed, he of course has the "bigger" room. Well, at over 4 years now Ella is still in the "toddler bed" meaning the crib mattress was dropped and one side of the crib removed. However due to space issues and money issues we just cannot get her a twin bed at this time. Carson, being the first born I was so eager to get him a real bed and move onto the next step, as we know with our babies we want them to stay little as long as we can. Santa is bringing Ella a very LARGE dollhouse and her room has no room for one! LOL

So, I looked on Freecycle for something with no luck, looked on Craigs list with no luck so I went into her room and to my surprise discovered her crib can also be used for this alternative (see pictures). By using just the shorter sides, and it even has sideboards to make it sturdy. I took Carson's crib mattress out of his trundle bed (where it was being stored) and stacked it on top of Ella's using it like a "boxspring" and look how stinking cute!!! And it did not cost a dime. It looks like a "big girl bed" or a mini version of a twin bed , which it really is. It takes up less room than a twin bed and YEA we now have room for the dollhouse!

However.....the crib appearance is gone, very sad for mommy.....

She is going to be soooooo excited when she comes home from visiting with Grammy and Papa's on Christmas Eve to see her big girl bed (now maybe she will actually sleep in her own room and not in my bed!). She is going to think Mommy went out and got her a new's our secret I did not.

Now off to sew.....her bed now needs a top sheet. Lucky I have some of that flannel left over I made her pillow with so I am going to make a flannel top sheet for her "new bed", the kind with the elastic on the bottom so it won't slip off. She will not be the wiser that she is actually sleeping on a crib matress...will she???

Thursday, December 18

Project Today- No Sew Pillows

Going through my daughters closet this morning I found a basket full of fabric stored way up high. Imagine my surprise when I went through it and found several yards of flannel and fleece. So, I took 2 pillows out of the linen closet and quickly made a couple of no-sew pillows for the kids to use lounging around watching TV now that the weather has turned COLD and they are not playing outside. Both pillows took me about 40 min to make in total and it did not cost me a thing since I already had all the supplies.

One for Carson, black and red fleece:

One for Ella, floral printed flannel (I had no more girly fleece):

Wednesday, December 17

Our December Carbon Footprint

Not so good.....but ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh so pretty! Can you see my electric meter spinning in the background, LOL. We love to decorate the outside of the house every year and every year its a little different. Items get old and rusty, lights go out that cannot be replaced, we have a nice size garbage pile on the side of the house of items that are gone for good this year. After Christmas we buy stuff on clearance for the next love it! It is super hard to capture in a picture all the details, all the items on the lawn, the lights tend to blur togethe in the picture but you get the idea!

Tuesday, December 16


Well I was able to make a couple more banners for the holidays. I love these as they are fast and easy and they were cheap cause I made them!!! The first NOEL was made using the Alphalicious Cricut Cartridge and K and Co paper and Bazzill Bling cardstock. I cut the letters out of chipboard first and then applied the paper to give them a little depth. The background dotted paper I used Stickles glitter glue on each dot in the coordinating color. Cut into 6"x6" squares and hung on organdy ribbon.

The second is a MERRY CHRISTMAS one I hung on our kitchen window. I used Theresa Collins black and white and red Christmas papers. Our kitchen has a lot of stainless steel so I thought this would go nicely. I used the Storybook Cricut Cartridge for the letters and used Stickles glitter glue in silver on each one with just a few dots of red on each one as an accent. This goes great with the pine garland that hangs above it that I have hung silver cookie cutters on, kitchen, cookie cutters...get it? LOL! The kitchen window is almost 9 feet long so this is a good length, squares are cut 4"x4" and tied and hung with black and white gingham ribbon.

Thursday, December 11

Santa Pictures

So at the getaway I was recently at I watched a friend make banners using her cricut and it inpired me, so when I got home I got to work. Every year the kids see Santa at the mall and I always buy the cute frame they offer at the booth. Well, I am running out of room to put these things, only so much space in this house. So, I decided to create a banner to move the pictures off the piano and UP UP UP onto the wall! I love this.....I can add more years If I wish or create new ones, and I added the year it was taken. I used K&Co papers, Bazzill bling cardstock ribbon, SU punch and CTMH acrylic stamps and ink.

Gingerbread House

A annual tradition is for the kids and I to make a Gingerbread house for the holidays. So this year I bought one of those kits at the grocery store, cheap enough. Well, they don't really come with quite enough frosting, the candy is pretty sparse and when the kids are decorating and eating simultaneously it does not go far LOL! This year Carson did the left side, Ella did the right and Mommy worked on the front. When we ran out of the items that came in the box I whipped out the colored mini marshmallows and coconut and it was soon completed. The kids like it....Mommy thinks it is cute but really thinks it looks like Willy Wonka threw up all over it! LOL

Wednesday, December 10

The last 6 weeks....

So this past weekend I was on an all girls scrapbook retreat in Bodega Bay. There were 7 of us total and yes it was a blast as usual, however one of my girlfriends April is a "habitual blogger", even brought her laptop so she could blog everyday and it made me feel really guilty that I am not so consistant. I truly believe because of where we live and the fact it takes "FOREVER", to upload pictures that is one of the reasons. So, with that I vow to be better and try and update more often. Since it has been awhile I have lots to tell. Gosh, where to begin, lets backtrack and start around Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was at our house this year for the first time, it was a small crowd which was perfect since our house is not huge! I was able to use my china which Matt swears was the first time since we have been married but I know we have used before... The china was passed to me by my mother, whom received it on her 1st wedding anniversary from my dad when he was over in Vietnam. When she gave it to me about 10 years ago it was missing a lot of pieces so I did what anyone would do and hit Ebay! I was able to replace everything and then some giving me a 16 piece place setting. Then we had that earthquake a few years back, like literally months after me replacing the pieces and I lost a ton of it so I had to start all over. Anyways to make a long story short, we used it this year! LOL

The Table

The Turkey (Glazed with Honey, Molassses, Bourbon and Pecans)

Fancy Fresh Green Beans, these were sooooooooooooooo good!!!
My Dad being his usual goofy self.

My Mother on the left and my mother in law on the right cleaning my kitchen after dinner,

My mother in law gave us the week before a wood chest full of silver place settings that was given to her on her wedding to Matts dad so I polished that up and used that as well. I hit the web and got some great recipes at the Paula Dean website and we had a great meal, poor Matt had to work so we ate really early but his mother was here for a few days and got to spend some quality time with him and the kids which does not happen all that often.

Both Carson and Ella had Thankgiving events at school. Carson's class recited a couple of cute poems at there Harvest Feast and Ella had a party at school where they were permitted to dress the part.

Carson at his school program.

Ella on the left and her friend Savanna.

OK moving on to December. The night before I left for my weekend away we decided to do the tree up since I would be gone. So at 8pm Thursday evening we all decorated the tree, see it looks so pretty!

Fast forward to friday morning 6am just 10 hours later, and see how pretty.......NOT!

It seems "we think" Ella woke up before everyone and wanted to turn the lights on. We were woke with her at our bedside telling me "mommy, the tree fell down". OH, my kids, why does this not surprise me...cause they have done it before in the past! Cute Carson quickly claimed "I did not do it Mommy, I was still sleeping"!!!!!! which he was.....