Monday, April 25

Few New Vintage Finds

Wanted to share a few of my new to me vintage finds.  Purchases from various places, online, Craigslist, estate sales. 
Collection of vintage fishing bobbers.  The vintage platter was purchased on Ebay , the glass bobbers on Etsy and the assortment of plastic ones were purchased at a local antique store. I threw in the shells to complete the look.  This sits on my coffee table in the living room.  I love that they are all worn and dirty, barnacle residue and dings from use. 

Vintage Fairy lamp, think it is depression glass.  Two pieces in a light green shade.

Gossip bench aka phone table.  This item is in pristine condition.  Not thrilled with the cherry wood color or the tapestry fabric on chair (which is why it is covered).  Looks like a project in the making.  Wanting to paint, distress and recover fabric (thinking with feedsack) but hubby likes as we shall see.  Got this on Craigslist from a sale from someone who was relocating to the East Coast, got this for a steal for $25.

Gramma's Vintage Buttons

While unpacking I came across this shadowbox I had made when I was 24 or 25 years old.  My grandmother had recently passed away and one of the items I had acquired from her estate was a big box of buttons.  I recall my mother going through the box of them with me and telling me that this button was on a coat of hers, or came off a certain dress once worn by her. I decided to hang it, it my bedroom.  It is not the most creative piece or the most visually appealing (I am pretty sure it is not my husbands favorite piece) but it has meaning, it reminds of my grandmother.  If only these buttons could talk.  Imagine all the places they have been and seen...makes me wonder.  Is that silly?

Master Bedroom Vintage Style

Before Shot (excuse the mess!)
One of the nice things about moving is you get to decorate a new space.  I have been struggling with the idea of painting our current bedroom furniture white.  I am not a huge fan of the dark wood however after decorating the room I think I may be able to live with it.  The bedspread is a vintage white chenille dot and I purchased the burlap pillow cover on Etsy. The pillows have actually changed a bit since this picture was taken, I will update on those later.The euro pillows and white shams were purchased at an estate sale.

 I decided to paint the wall a brown tone so I actually took the burlap pillow down to the local Home Depot and had the paint color matched.  The rest of the house is pretty "girly" light beige tones, floral pictures wanting to make this space a bit more man friendly. 

Originally I was thinking of applying a vinyl quote above the bed and then I found the perfect picture.  I had originally seen the vintage picture at a local consignment store.  I really did like it but just wasn't sure and not wanting to spend the money on it at the time I decided to pass on it.  However, after painting the wall I knew it would go perfectly, the question was had it sold already as it had been weeks since I had first laid eyes on it.  As luck would have it not only was it still available it had been marked down to $18...what a steal!  It is the perfect accent, my room with the lamps, the wall hanging, the white and warm tones, I feel as if I am in spa, a retreat.  And with it all thrown together the color of the furniture is not so bothersome to me.


Customized Lamps

I had been on a search for bedside table lamps for the Master bedroom and was not finding what I wanted in the budget I had in mind.  So what does one do when a dilemma such as this makes what one wants!  I found the lamps and shades at a local fabric store of all places, on sale.  This is what the lamp looked like before I got crafty.

Some off white satin spray paint took care of the base so now I set to revamping the shade into what I had envisioned in my mind.  I started by adding trim to the bottom, hot gluing to the inside bottom.  The trim cost more than one of the lamps, but I loved it!  It is hanging rings made from shells and with a little beading.  I love the beachy look and the shell's color tones look amazing with the color of the shade.
Next I made some rosette flowers from the leftover vintage linen I had from the post below and raided my scrapbooking ribbon to wrap around the top of the shade.  I don't have a picture of this step but this is the finished product.

Vintage Linen TV Stand Skirt

It has been so so long since I have updated, yes I have been super lazy when it comes to blogging.  Home with a sick kid today It gave me a chance.  It is raining and we are cooped up inside. first post of many today will highlight the skirt I made for our TV entertainment center.  Moving into a much much larger house about 6 weeks ago we again got to use our large entertainment center.  Purchased many years ago when we had a box projection large screen TV we had not been able to use it in the last year or so as our previous home was just to small for it.  Having upgraded to a flat screen I was not sure how we use the TV in the center. 

 My parents gave us a bakers rack, it was nice, dark wood.  I took it apart and painted and distressed it, the flat screen fits very nice on my new creation.  However the bottom was open and wanting to hide the items I would put underneath I decided to make a skirt for the bottom, similar to a sink skirt.  I purchased some vintage Belgium linen from Etsy, it went very well with the ivory shade of the furniture.  I used drapery shirring to create the ruffles and Velcro to attach to the bottom of the stand.  Hot gluing the Velcro to the metal was a tricky little deal, the glue kept peeling off, but...I made it work.  The bakers rack fits very nicely in between the entertainment center and I adore how the skirt turned out.