Thursday, August 21

One of my September Classes

On Thursday September 11th, I will be offering a "Star Album" class at Scrapper's Depot here in town from 6:30pm-8:30pm. This is another one of my "pick your own papers/theme classes". This cute little album is easy to make and makes a great gift or even a centerpiece, (using harvest colors for Thanksgiving, Christmas etc..). The binding ribbons are optional, (not required) but I love ribbon so the more the better in my opinion. It has a ribbon closure or you can tie the ribbon in the "open" position to create the star... Please bring with you to class, a paper trimmer, adhesive tape runner, scissors, a bone folder and or embossing stylus and a ruler or if you own a Scor-pal, bring that, and 10-12 photos. I choose to use the store's Rusty Pickle sports themed papers for my son's T-ball pictures. I added the extra embellishments later, all baseball diecuts were cut using the Cricut Baseball cartridge.

Just a reminder, I will be teaching the "Travel Squash Book" on Thursday September 5th from 6:30-8:30pm, there are still a few spots left in this class so if your interested in learning this folding technique call the store at 707-257-1830 to enroll in the class, samples can be seen by scrolling farther down on this page.

Tuesday, August 19

First Day Of Kindergarten

Where does the time go? Carson started Kindergarten yesterday; my baby boy is no more....
I often wonder what they are thinking (our kids), what did he expect? How much different would it be than he had played in his mind? Would I cry? Would he cry?

Well, neither one of us cried. He was a little anxious on the drive into town, I know he was excited but was he more excited or terrified? I remember starting a new school very vividly despite how many years it has been. Considering I went to 6 elementary schools in total and then onto junior high and high school, I don't think it ever got easier.

Thank goodness there was one little girl in his class that he knew from preschool last year, this made all the difference in the world! For both of them....
Once I pried him off my left leg (not kidding!) and got him to sit on the carpet with the other kids, he teamed up with Sayla, still with that look of horror on his face but at least he had a friend. I left Ella at home with Daddy, this was "his" day, and taking the 3 year old along would have been much too distracting and hectic. Daddy was a bit sad to miss the first day but he completely understood the reasoning behind it.

I was afraid he would not eat his lunch; he goes all day...8:25-2:40 so it’s a long day for him. But to my surprise when I picked him up just a few grapes were left in his box, I worried for nothing. I was afraid he would need to use the bathroom and be afraid to ask; well....we did have to stop on the way home so he could pee on the side of the road, and he did hold it all we had a chat. Hopefully today he makes that step to use the potty.

He said he had a good time, you could tell by his facial expressions when he told me all about his day as I was grilling him that he was very proud of himself, as he should be. Today was much easier, still a little shy; he gave me a hug goodbye at the door and made sure to give his sissy a hug too....

Now I know he just started 24 hours ago, but here is the layout from his first day...crazy huh? During my alone time yesterday I stopped by the scrap store to see if they had any Design Team projects they wanted me to work on and they had this paper and stickers they wanted used for the store wall. It is all Karen Foster papers and stickers. Now I am usually not one to use many stickers but she wanted me to use as many as I could so I did, sanding them, creating tags with them, etc... I also used various ribbons, staples, tags, and BG chipboard letters colored with Colorbox chalk inks.

Edited to add:
Well, he had a good day today too, well at school that is. He did NOT however use the bathroom again and again requested for me to pull over on the way home. I however declined the request (as it was more a screaming, whining, demanding one) and told him we were not going to make this a habit, him not going and him expecting me to pull over so he can be one with nature. Tomorrow is another day and let’s prays his mood is much better after the pickup. Let’s just say the poor little guy is tired and I get I enjoy the screaming and whining for the first 15 miles, NO! (After which he did proceed to fall asleep right before getting home). Do I get he is a little boy adjusting, I do...however, I am also not used to having to be somewhere at a certain time so early in the morning is really really hard to be empathetic after hours of whining and attitude when you yourself are also tired. This is definitely going to be a rough couple of weeks until we get in the groove of things I tell ya!

Wednesday, August 13

And we are off to Viva Las Vegas!

Kids are at my parents, check, bags are packed, check, book for the plane, check.......guess we are ready. Matt is playing in the police and fire games softball tournament in Las Vegas this week. Departments from all over the US are playing, should be a fun event. And...just in time as this is the last week before school starts, last week of summer vacation and then the chaos begins for mommy! This trip is just in time as yesterday was my Birthday, my 39th! Yikes, that is a scary number.......and I have NEVER been to Vegas before. I did tell Matt that I have no intention of sitting in the August Vegas heat all day to watch him play, so what fun adventures do I have in store for myself? Ta-Ta....will update when we get back!

Sunday, August 10

Teacher Pencil Posie Gift (Cricut Project)

A fellow instructor at the LSS I teach at is having a class next week and the project is a teacher gift, a pencil posie bouquet of sorts. The concept is really cute, however I will be out of town the night of the class, so I had to make one on my own. So, today Carson and I put one together for his "new teacher". School starts here a week from tomorrow, on the 18th. My "baby boy" is starting Kindergarten, well he is no baby, he will be 6 years old in just 8 weeks or so. It was not the "fun" project I had in mind while I was cutting the flowers in the Cricut this morning, both kids fighting over what flowers to use, who got to pick the buttons...but the end result is as cute as can be. I will post the class sample ( what the store will be using) and where I got the idea. I however had the perfect papers for myself in mind, the DCWV glitter and foil Grade School stack. We used a silver bucket from Target, piece of ribbon to tie off the front and of course pencils and lots of glue dots. The store sample and class project had the pencils just tucked inside the rafia type stuff, I however used a piece of that floral foam (you know the green stuff you can get wet) as to secure them just a bit tighter and the covered the foam with the rafia or whatever that stuff is called. :)

This is the one the store is doing for there class next week.

And this one is my "scraplift".

Saturday, August 9

Ta Da!!! How do you like the new look?

Ok, what do you think of my blogs new look? Cute huh? It only took 3 days of countless hours on and off between laundry and kids and the typical routine. It also took knowledge of photoshop, which I HAD NONE previously, and I managed through it with some help of some online friends to which I owe you big time as I was literally pulling my hair out! I can honestly say after this experience I have NO INTEREST what so ever in ever digital scrapping. Then we have the HTML codes and Java you know whats, what is this stuff and why on earth do we need it? It seriously is another language, one of which nobody should ever have to learn. I am computer literate, probably more than the average (definitely more than my husband) and I was lost at times....but It is a learning process and I figured some out and can now say I know how to layer in photoshop (see my title...) I am no master at it by any means but I now know more than I did last week and that is something.

There are a few things I could not figure out, the kit I had bought actually had a different background, it was a vintage look parchment paper and I tried and tried to figure out how to get the codes in or picture in or whatever needed to "put in somewhere" and I gave up. So I found another one that was much easier to insert and I like it actually much better. The little tabs I have on the side the cute little pink ones with buttons and bling, I cannot figure out to get the white out from behind them...kind of bugging me a bit, but they don't look "bad" so they stay that way.

This was one of those projects you start and once you get into it, and deeply frustrated with it, you do not want to quit until it is done. And now that I think I cannot tweak it anymore maybe I can work on other things, the laundry is done, the laundry is ALL DONE (a rare thing around here) and I have a Cricut class to teach on Tuesday which is also my birthday and I have yet to throw together a page, it is in my head I just need to cut it out...maybe after the kids go down.

Thursday, August 7

Blog Template

So.................I found this website that has the "cutest" templates for a blog. They do charge a fee to download the materials , it was less than $6 but it took me nearly 5 hours with our dial-up connection to download the darn info! So frustrating.....I cannot wait for this house to sell so we can move back to concrete! I am so a "concrete" girl (meaning the city)..really it is not terrible up here but I miss the conviencies like a Starbucks within minutes and high connection internet, and parks for the kids etc...

So..I bought this really cute design, it is Shabby of course, a summer theme, since it is still summer. However I am having some real difficulty getting all the HTML's in the right places, it is really hard! So, if you pop on by and notice my blog looking rather out of sorts, things not where they are supposed to be etc...that is why and I am hoping to get the kinks worked out as soon as I can.