Friday, December 31

Time Keeps on Slipping...

and once again time has slipped right on by and so has blogging!  Yes, it has been far to long.  The kids are now on winter break, Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us in less than a day. Where does the time go?  It seems the older I get the faster it passes and this makes me sad, do you agree?  It seems as if just a blink ago I was in high school hanging out with my friends and yet here I am in my early 40's.  Same town, same friends...but older.

I suppose the dawn of a new year is causing me to reflect on how quickly it all passes.


Sunday, November 21

Vintage Inspired Wood Spool Snowflakes

I got the idea for these from here: Danielle Flanders, and loved them!  She had some kits for sale that included the supplies and instructions for two of them.  Once I had completed those two I was hooked and ran to Michael's to pick up more supplies.  I hot glued all day, making each one different cause as you know no two snowflakes are the same.  I glue and painted and inked and made flowers, distressed edges and more. My kitchen table was a disaster with bits of ribbons and mica flakes all over the place.  But it paid off and these turned out beautiful if I do say so myself.  Let me just add that most of the items used are by the maker Melissa Frances here is her blog. I love her product lines and the blog is amazing as it is full of great ideas for projects, full of such inspiration.  Most of the papers and images are from her lines.  As well as the resin pieces and the mica flakes I used for snow.  Other items used were K&Co Yuletide papers, Ranger glitter glue and lots of ribbons by Maya Rd. 

Let me just add that pictures do not do these justice, I cannot figure out how some of you blogger's take such amazing close up shots.  I have a great camera, a Canon Rebel xti and I use the close up feature and my pictures are still just ho-hum.

I will be selling these, we all could use some extra in this economy and prices will be listed below each item.  If you are not local, shipping will be $5.00 in addition to the price of the item.  For larger image click on picture and if your interested in purchasing just leave me a comment telling me which one/ones and I will contact you.

Snowflake #1: Measure about 9" in diameter, features greens an blue tones.  Vintage Santa Image in Center.  $22

Snowflake #2  Measure about 12" in diameter, shades of reds and creams and white.  Vintage image of children in front of fire at Christmas  $24

Snowflake #3 measures about 9" in diameter, shades of reds and greens in paper.  Vintage image of young lady.  $22

Snowflake #4 One of my favorites!  Shades of green and reds in pattern paper, handmade flowers with cute little bells on each arm. Vintage Santa Image.  $24  Measure about 12" in diameter.

Sweet Little Banner.  Each banner piece measures about 3" wide at widest point to about 4" in length.  $14

Sweet little holiday magnets.  Measure 3"  $8 each
Snowflake #5  shades of red and green accent this cute hanging piece.  Vintage inspired image of children at Christmas.  Measures about 12" in diameter.  $24

Snowflake #6  Shades of silver and a hint of blue, another favorite of mine.  Measures about 12" in diameter, $24

Thursday, November 18

Lisa's Handmade Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Many of my Facebook Friends wanted to see the ornaments I have made lately, so here ya go!  Warning...lots of photos and still not sure they are all  pictured. The ornaments are now for sale at Alice's Antique, Vintage and Consignments store here in Napa, Ca.  Alice "loved" them and I am so honored to have had her agree to sell my wares...prices range from$8 for smaller ones made from chipboard.  Tin ones vary in price from $12-18 depending and the 3 wall hangings vary in price from $20-24. I am currently working on some gift card ornaments a small banner and some hanging snowflakes made from wooden spools.  Please check back often as I will be updating as I create.

This is a wall hanging, a bit larger

Also a wall hanging.
And another wall hanging, this measure about 6"x6"

Shutterfly Holiday Card Free cards to Bloggers

I am so excited, Shutterfly is offering 50 free cards to bloggers for promoting them and their wonderful products, don't you love Shutterfly?  And don't you love FREE! . Sign up for it here.  Not only can you order your photos from can order: Photo Books,Calendars, Christmas Cards and so much more.

Here are some of my favorite cards:
Those are just a few of my favorites.  They have such an amazing selection, there is a card to match anyones style. The quality of their cards is wonderful and it usually takes me a couple of hours to decide on just the right one. There are flat cars, folded cards and the standard photo cards.   You can get glossy or matte finishes.. the possibilities are endless.

The photo books are amazing as well.  Here at our house we have both made books of our travels and received books as gifts from family members.  You pick the designs you want for your "pages", the layout, the number of pictures per page and you can even journal all about the event on the pages as well.  These books are amazing and come in many sizes, covers and you can do as little or as many pages as you like.  Go check out the photo books at Shutterfly, these are a unique one of a kind gift for giving that will last a lifetime.

Monday, November 15

Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Woo Hoo, I finally listed some items in my Etsy Shop!  Just in time for Christmas and parties and last minute gift giving.  Last weekend I came across some of these at the Scrapbook Expo and fell madly for them:
They are Maya Road Mega Bottle Caps measuring 3"

These make "fabulous" ornaments, love them!  So I bought 5 of them and within a few hours of being home I had completed all of them, so naturally I had to order more.  Today in the mail I received 20 more and cannot wait to get started.

So, once I got into the creative groove again I started making all sorts of ornaments not only using these but using some chipboard I had in my stash.  All have that "vintage" feel or look to them and I used a vast array of products from new to old, ink, stamps, tinsel, buttons, sequins, twine, lace, ribbons, glitter and so much more.

So head on over to my shop Paperie Pretties and take a look around.  Anyone who orders $40 or more will get free shipping and a free little something in the package! 

Here is a sampling of some of the items I have listed:





and a cute little wall hanging

Wednesday, November 3

Computer Woes

So it seems I may have "fried" the motherboard on the computer.  Well, not "me", not sure what happened.   It is out for repair with an estimated completion date of 2 to 4 weeks! How will we survive?    One plus is that I had purchased an accidental warranty apparently so the fee is completly covered, for once I actually did the right thing and it paid off, shocker!

We are normally not a big fan of those extra warranties they want to tack on.  10 years ago when we were first married we bought 2 brand new couches from Montgomery Wards, remember that store?  We had nothing but problems and after 3 repairs they agreed under the warranty that would we get a full refund. 3 days later they filed bankruptsy!  9 months of phone calls and letters and we gended up with 2 garbage couches and out over $1800!

Today at Best Buy I did pay them $155 to download everything off the hard drive and back up to an external hard drive, which was included in the fee.  I have a scrapbook crop coming up and all my pictures were on there, not to mention the last 3 years taxes, all our music files, o'my!  For me, this fee, although not in the budget and making things tight for a week or so was well worth eating the rice and beans to save all our files.

So, looks like I will be getting very aquainted with the features on my Blackberry.  We got these a month or two ago and it will be my lifeline for the next 2 to 4 weeks!


Monday, November 1

Few things...Giants Win,Halloween.

Well first thing is that our computer is down, our only computer.  Thank goodness for my Blackberry or I would be disconnect from everything!  Crossing my fingers it is something "fixable".

Next, the San Francisco Giants win the World Series!!! woot woot!
It has been an amazing ride this season and skeptics said it could not be done, well, we showed them. This franchise has not won the series in 56 years!  It was time, they were due, congrats to them and the fans.

And lastly I do have a picture of the kiddo's on my phone of them in their Halloween costumes so thought I would share.  Carson was the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz and Ella was batgirl.  They were not a matching pair, which I love.  They have been in the past Mickey and Minnie, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell cowgirl and cowboy, and the Tin Man and the Wicked Witch.  I had my fun, but I guess they have their own opinions now so I must let them be as they wish.
 Growing up!

My apologies for typo's!  Not as easy doing this from your cell phone verses a laptop.

Sunday, October 24

Give Thanks Project and Being "Thankful"

So apparently using a glue gun all day can cause some damage to your "trigger" finger.  Yup, making projects all afternoon and paying for it now.  On Tuesday I will be conducting a make and take project at a girlfriends house.  All kits have been pre-cut, presorted and all the participants have to do is glue it all down, I have made 8 of these kits plus my own, price of project $25 each.  Lots of work involved, several cricut mats destroyed cutting felt. I lucked out as our school had an old die cut system I used to cut the apples out in wool felt.  I love the apples!   It is a simple enough project even for those who are not "crafty" and all the squares can be glued with Tacky glue or a glue gun.  The project is very similar to the Halloween Countdown Calendar made several weeks ago however this one themed for Autumn and is titled "Give Thanks". 

Kids now days are all to often "spoiled", think back to what we had as kids and what kids nowadays have.  Sadly I don't think my kids are as "grateful" for the things they have as they should be.  So for the month of November will be "counting down" the things we are grateful for.  Each day I will take a tag and have each child write what they are "thankful" for and insert that into the pocket for the day.  At the end of the month I will either scrap all the tags in a mini album or attach them all together somehow and save. 20 years from now they can pull those tags out and see what they were thankful for in 2010.  It is just a fun thing we will do without them knowing that mommy has an ulterior motive of making them maybe acknowledge just how thankful they should be. 

This is the project we will be making (sorry for the poor photo quality, it is off my cell phone.  Which by the way I am very thankful for! This is just missing the wood dowel to hang and the ribbon to hang from.

This is the same project after I jazzed my own personal one up by adding a fabric backing and trim, and I also stitched all the squares.
This looks so much better in person and hanging.

With some leftover supplies this is what I made today, 5 of them, thus my sensitive finger.  Coordinating "Welcome" signs using the same felt, accessories and backing each with fabric with it extending to trim the sides with a simple straight stitch. These items are complete and will be available for purchase at the make and take for those who may want the matching banner, a steal for $15, I think.

Hard to tell from this small photo but all those felt squares are zig zag stitched as well as the green "Welcome" block so they look like quilt blocks.