Monday, October 11

Giants Baseball... Makes For A Good Date Night!

Friday night we had the pleasure of a date night!  
Well, let me rephrase that, we had a triple date night.

Matt and I heading into the park.

 Matt and I and 2 of our close couple friends headed out to San Francisco to a ball game, leaving all 8 of the the kids in total at home or with sitters.  We left about two in the afternoon which allowed us time to "tail-gate" in the ball park parking lot.  Let me add here that the parking for the game was $35, can you believe that? 
I have never "tail-gated" before so it was new to me and yes, it was fun.  We took along a little grill, and fixed us up some sausage dogs complete with homemade relish and sauerkraut, yum!
Lots of little snacks and a few adult beverages before we entered the park.

Steve gathering his adult beverages for the walk to the park.

  The game was so fun, it was the first I had attended this year and I have never been to a post-season playoff game.  We laughed, we yelled, we sat in our seats, on the edge of our seats and at times way out of our seats and yes, we sat through 11 innings to end up losing in the end.  O'well!  I can say that now cause they WON against the Braves tonight and are again moving on...whoo hooo, whoo hooo!

Mike and Jill
Thank you so much to Mike who got all the tickets through a work connection...for FREE!

Steve and Jenny
Jenny and I have been friends since she was 13 I think so over 25 years now!

We had a total blast on the way home, all 6 of us in my SUV, some a little tipsy from the wine, all of us tired and giggly, we laughed so hard a few times, that deep belly laugh that hurts, I love to laugh like that at times. I bet I won't be laughing when I get the toll ticket in the mail for hubby flying through the fastrak toll lane to fast for it to pick up the sensor on our dash. It is always a bad sign when you see the "flash" of the camera.

It has been a really long time since I got home at 1 am and all I can say is...



Sarah said...

Ahh this looks like such a fun time. I haven't been to a baseball game in FOREVER but my family used to go all the time, I miss it:(

Wearing It On My Sleeves

Jeannine said...

Go Giants! We went twice earlier in the season but not playoffs. how wonderful. We take BART to avoid the parking lots.

littlebirdseeds said...

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It looks as though you've been having some fun. :)
Anyway, You can find the award and the rules here:
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Chillbabie at hotmail dot com