Sunday, October 24

Give Thanks Project and Being "Thankful"

So apparently using a glue gun all day can cause some damage to your "trigger" finger.  Yup, making projects all afternoon and paying for it now.  On Tuesday I will be conducting a make and take project at a girlfriends house.  All kits have been pre-cut, presorted and all the participants have to do is glue it all down, I have made 8 of these kits plus my own, price of project $25 each.  Lots of work involved, several cricut mats destroyed cutting felt. I lucked out as our school had an old die cut system I used to cut the apples out in wool felt.  I love the apples!   It is a simple enough project even for those who are not "crafty" and all the squares can be glued with Tacky glue or a glue gun.  The project is very similar to the Halloween Countdown Calendar made several weeks ago however this one themed for Autumn and is titled "Give Thanks". 

Kids now days are all to often "spoiled", think back to what we had as kids and what kids nowadays have.  Sadly I don't think my kids are as "grateful" for the things they have as they should be.  So for the month of November will be "counting down" the things we are grateful for.  Each day I will take a tag and have each child write what they are "thankful" for and insert that into the pocket for the day.  At the end of the month I will either scrap all the tags in a mini album or attach them all together somehow and save. 20 years from now they can pull those tags out and see what they were thankful for in 2010.  It is just a fun thing we will do without them knowing that mommy has an ulterior motive of making them maybe acknowledge just how thankful they should be. 

This is the project we will be making (sorry for the poor photo quality, it is off my cell phone.  Which by the way I am very thankful for! This is just missing the wood dowel to hang and the ribbon to hang from.

This is the same project after I jazzed my own personal one up by adding a fabric backing and trim, and I also stitched all the squares.
This looks so much better in person and hanging.

With some leftover supplies this is what I made today, 5 of them, thus my sensitive finger.  Coordinating "Welcome" signs using the same felt, accessories and backing each with fabric with it extending to trim the sides with a simple straight stitch. These items are complete and will be available for purchase at the make and take for those who may want the matching banner, a steal for $15, I think.

Hard to tell from this small photo but all those felt squares are zig zag stitched as well as the green "Welcome" block so they look like quilt blocks. 


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, it looks great, yes I think they are a steal at $15. I have never had trigger finger trouble with my glue gun, just blisters!! I get so sick of burning myself. I saw on Martha's show that we should keep a glass of ice water near....hum, good idea, if I could remember!


Danielle said...

Hi Lisa!
I got your note about the snowflake kit, thank you so much for ordering one! We should be shipping these out around Nov. 19th, unless you need it sooner, I can send it from here (I have the kits here at my house for the snowflakes). E-mail me:

Gretchen said...

I love it!!!

So do you have a make and take kit left that you would be willing to sell??? I owuld LOVE one... LOVE this idea, but know there is no way I ave time to create one right now with closing the business and all the surgeries coming up soon :(

I enjoy your creations!