Tuesday, July 19

Scrapbooking Disney Mini Albums

I have been busy busy the last few days...and not busy doing housework!  Wanting to add some "handmade" items to my Etsy Store I decided to get out my Disney box loaded with stuff and get to work...and work I did.  I have not scrapped in FOREVER!  A good 9 months maybe and once I got into , I remembered how much I enjoyed it!  It took me 3 days to make 4 mini albums and my dining room was a DISASTER!  OH...how I miss my craft room at our previous home.  I set up a kids table and chair next to me and my 6 year old daughter Ella sat next to me as we "created".  She is so cute...she made her own creations "to sell" and even put prices on them.  She asked me yesterday if anyone had "bought"her stuff yet?  I think I will put them away and tell them someone did and give her the money...she will be so excited!

Each album took me about 8 hours to make.  I would set pages aside to "dry" and move onto the next.  When each page was dry I would then continue to work on it until I felt it was complete.  It may have taken longer than I usually take, but I pay attention to detail and there are tons of detail in these.  Here are a few snaps of them.  Two are acrylic, in the shape of Mickey's head, one is a smaller chipboard tiered Winnie the Pooh themed and the last I made is a larger one with an acrylic cover and lots of chipboard pages. I got so carried away in fact making pages I forgot to leave one side plain for the back cover so I had to make another page.  Luckily I had a box made from chipboard material so I got out my exacto knife and cut away...funny girl!

All of these designs are mine and are original so please do not copy for resell. But please do bookmark for idea's...I get so much inspiration and idea's from others and would enjoy you getting the same from little ole me.  Warning...lots of pictures to follow and of course they look so much better in real life.

Album One 

Album Two

Album Three

Last one!

(couldn't get this one to fit so click on picture and you see the full view)

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Jeannine said...

Your little Disney albums are adorable. I've wanted to make some myself. Love the earshaped ones.
However, all of my scrapbook supplies have been packed for a year because of needing to use my room to house a houseguest for 8 months. Soon and very soon hope to be back at it like you!