Sunday, January 15

Friday Morning Finds

If you have followed my blog at all, then you will you know that I love antiques, aka other people's junk and... I can be pretty creative. So...I put the two passions together and I have been a busy girl. A week or more ago, I mentioned I had something in the works that I couldn't yet talk about. Well, I can now! Several months ago my friend Jennifer and I were all set to open a space in a local antique store and then it looked as tho, it would not happen. Well it did. We got the call right after I blogged the last time and we have been busy pricing tagging creating, painting, researching items, the list goes on. We were busy all this past weekend " moving in" and I am happy to report we are open for business. Our space, inside a local antique store is 10 1/2 ft by 12 ft and we used every inch of it, I am not kidding.

For the last few months I have been upcyling vintage furniture by painting and distressing, with of course the best paint out there, Annie Sloan chalk paint. We have been creating items out of vintage things such as fabulous soap and lotion pumps out of old mason jars. Making jewelry out of old buttons and keys and magnets from vintage silverware. I have a ton of old barnwood in the backyard so what better way to recycle than to make signs from it, I am hoping those are gonna be a hit! Hitting estate sales is something I love to do and try to do it weekly. Usually on Fridays when the kids are in school...hence the name, Friday Morning Finds.

So, if your in the Napa Valley, head on downtown and check us out at Antiques on Second Street. Our little section is all the way in the back of the store to your left. If you find the area that screams shabby, full of Fenton glassware and fun colored furniture, pretty linens and adorable vintage finds, then you have found us.

Our section, as your enter.

Our "linen closet"

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