Thursday, January 26


Our antique store venture is going well so far...course it has only been 11 days so I guess to soon to tell.  Tomorrow I work my one day a month required shift from open to close. I laugh as I type, because I have not pulled an 8 hr work day out of the home in over 10 yrs!  Should be interesting!  Far from my former career as an OB nurse and it has been 20 years or more since I "worked" in any type of retail setting.  However, I don't consider it a "job", I don't get paid to go, gets me out of the house and around other grown-ups. Away from the laundry pile, and the dirty dishes and it revolves around products that I love, other peoples junk, other peoples history and fun!  Speaking of history...I have a stack of old black and white photos and negatives from the 1930's I purchased at several estate sales.  Sorting thru the pictures a few nights ago I wondered...I have no idea who these people are, or have never been to the places in the pictures but I wondered about them.  Who they were, what they were like, what the world was like in the time they took those pictures.  A simpler time I imagine, with some of the same worries we all share such as finances and health but yes, I imagine a simpler time.  I think I would have liked to grown up the 30's and 40's, even the 50's.  Sure, there was still war, there were much bigger issues with race (in my opinion) but I think morals and family values, time spent with family, the way children respected elders, I think it may have been a much better time for not only people but for our planet.  Sure we know so much more technologically, in medicine, environmentally but sometimes all these advancements doesn't mean we are better.

So Matt, my husband was looking thru the pictures as well, he made the comment we should try and track some of these people down.  I  then replied with something like "honey, the pictures are 70 yrs old or so and I bought them at an estate sale, chances are they are dead".  Not to sound harsh, but that's the reality.  How sad is it that old photos of lives once lived are now in the hands of someone who knew nothing of them..seems in a way wrong, but maybe it could be right?  Right in the sense that I look at them and imagine and wonder...make up stories in my head as I look at the pictures of them on the beach and I imagine what that day could have been like.  I picture the couple holding hands and the little kids running amuck, the laughter, the events that may have taken place before or after. So in some sort of odd way they are being remembered only the story may have changed but the faces have not.  Does that make sense?

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