Wednesday, March 4

A little self-indulgence

How often do you indulge yourself on something you want? I mean something frivolous and unnecessary? What do you love to pamper yourself with? Well, I very rarely indulge myself on anything for my personal self, well other than my monthly pedicure. Sure I buy scrap booking supplies, and a lipstick at walmart every now and then (which always disappear) but something really nice, not so much. I am a bath and body girl, love my bath products, my salts and scrubs, my gels and lotions and my candles. But, it has been a really long time since I got to really splurge on those items. We did not exchange gifts this year for Christmas with anyone, and Santa only came for the kids, (monetary reasons) so I did not get my usual yearly gift of these items. So today, after a couple of days of a really bad headache and just feeling crappy about myself in general I decided to hit downtown Napa for a little shopping spree while the kids were in school. Can we afford this, probably not, but you know sometimes you just need a "pick me up". So, today I splurged and self-indulged myself in a new perfume ( I don't own any others), a great new candle (amber and clove scent), a new mascara and face cream for mature skin LOL and a cute little vintage inspired coin purse so I may actually be able to find the change in my purse when I need it. I would have got a new purse had they had one I had liked. Probably better they didn't but....I did look! Could not find any "bath" products I had to have, so that will have to wait until the next time I really need a pick me up, or some extra funds. So what do you like to indulge on when you can? When was the last time you did? and are you due????

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