Friday, May 15

Bye, Bye, Little Boy Room

When we moved into this house 5 years ago Carson was only 18 months old. I decorated his room in a constuction type themed room, complete with a work site mural on his wall, painted street signs on the wall, and caution tape as a border...yes, I did all of this myself. Well, my child (who is now screaming at his siter right now as I type) is going on 7 years old and I believe it is time to upgrade the room theme to something a little more "big boy". So, that was this weekends project, fun, fun, and the new theme will be Vintage Baseball. I would like to do wanes coating but to much work, and to much money. New paint and plenty of new fabrics to work with. I found a denim comforter cover at The Company Store Online (love the products, very high quality)the twin size was $65 however the same exact king size was on clearance for $22, ugh that was a no brainer! I bought the king, cut it down to a twin and still have fabric left over for a pillow sham and curtains. Also at the Company Store I found these great sheets in a print called Vintage Rugby Stripe. On backorder for months due to high demand I finally got them and ordered an extra pillowcase to make a throw pillow, I think is the plan at the moment. The sheets are also the inspiration for the walls, I have bought all the paint to replicate the stripes...lets see how that goes! (it went pretty well except for the paint bleeding through the tape!) Still waiting on some fabric I bought on Ebay, a vintage inspired baseball pattern which may also be for the curtains. (got it yesterday and made the curtains and cornice last night), yes I typed this draft up a few days ago LOL! As for the walls so far...I have spent a small fortune on vintage baseball pennants. These are the small ones, (very small) but are from 1962-65 and they were still in the box, unopened! I got both leagues and have a total of 72 of these I plan on using as a border on one of the walls, maybe 2 rows...will see when we get to that step. Still on the hunt for a baseball bat display case, Matt had a bat made for him when he was really little and also a baseball display case as we have many signed balls from attending spring training years ago...but need a case that locks as Carson would have them out in the front yard in no time! Still on the hunt for a few more things, all in good time. Maybe a few vintage ads, patches, ballpark pictures etc...they are all over ebay, just have not found what strikes me. Well...we ended up buying him a new bed off of craigs list, a great deal! I went shopping today and found a throw rug that matches the walls to a tee, I cannot believe how well it matched. I am still needing a few more wall items but I love how it is turning out. Before pictures: After pictures:


The Cookbook Junkie said...

Very nice. I would love to do something with my boys'room but I can never make decisions.

Crafty Nanny said...

awww the room before so amazing !!!
and is amazing now !!! he should stick with this one a little longer (lol) Wonderful job !

{april kennedy} said...

his room looks amazing. i think you missed your calling as an interior decorator. you cover every inch perfectly.