Monday, May 4

Greetings from Disneyland

We are currently spending the week down in Southern California for a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. I found a few free moments to update while I am waiting for takeout Chinese in our hotel room LOL! My feet are killing hip hurts, and I super super sunburn but...we are having a great time! The kids rode Space Mountain for the first time today (yea, they were both tall enough!). Our four year old Ella had to ride it again, she liked it so much, no fear that kid! Weather is beautiful and hot, and I am finding a TON of opportunities to take photos. I am finally after 2 years playing with some of the features on my camera so hopefully they turn out ok. I have a Canon Digital Rebel Xti and it never comes off the auto feature (bad I know!)so I have been playing a bit. If anyone has any tips, please send them my way I have no idea how this darn camera works! We got in a little bit ago after watching the parade, the kids had a blast. The dancers pulled both kids off the street and they got to dance in the middle with the dancers and with the character Stitch, so that was the highlight to there day! Ok, off to eat soon I hope and then hit the bed (we are getting a little spoiled this week as Matt and I are sleeping in a king size bed), funny how little things like that as my friend April would say give us butterflies! Here are a few random photos I uploaded this afternoon when we came back for a little nap. Ella getting her princess makeover at the new Bippiti Boppiti Boutique at Disneys Fantasyland. After the makeover. She has on lip gloss so is afraid to smile correctly for fear of messing her makeup, she is such a girl! Carson, my handsome boy loves his ears! He wears them all day, everyday. He did this last year and the year before too, so funny, and yes he does sleep with them on too at times. He loves his sissy, and she loves him too. Well you know, if they are not loving each other they are killing each other as all siblings do.

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Crafty Nanny said...

wow!!! you have a gorgeous family ! glade you got to go to Disney world! Every kid (of every age) should get to go !!!