Sunday, July 18

Martha, Julia & Betty All Wrapped Into One

Well, that is what my girlfriend Stacie said I was a few days ago...she said I was Martha (Stewart), Julia (Child) and Betty (Crocker) all wrapped into one.  I can tell you I am a far stretch from any of those women but I do what I can do and I enjoy doing it!

I know I know, I have not blogged in a week but...I have been busy.

and Paper crafting

Last week I helped my friend Jennifer out making invites for her her daughter Scarlette's first Birthday "Pink Party".  The invites turned out so cute!  It took us about 5 hours to make them, deciding on fonts was probably our biggest challenge, huh Jen!  I cannot even begin to count how many circles we cut out for these, but in the end they turned out darling.  I also promised her a "pink banner" so I will be working on that next week. There are 5 circles strung together (I have blocked out the one with her personal info and address).


My garden is growing, fast!  I have yellow squash and zucchini coming out my ears.  I am trying to find things to do with it, and also giving tons of it away.  The other evening Ella my youngest said "Mom, what is for dinner?", I told her I was not sure, I had not decided yet.  Her reply which made me chuckle was "Pleeeease tell me we are NOT having SQUASH!"  So if you live in my area and need squash, call me!  Yesterday I made 7 loaves of zucchini bread.  Got a recipe off the internet and it was SO GOOD! 

So...on the topic of fruits and vegetables.  I have been canning.  In this last week I have canned plum jam (from neighbors tree), peach jam and peaches (from friends tree), blackberry jam (found some wild and picked them), strawberry jam (bought from a local farmer) and jalapeno pepper jelly.  The more I "can" now, the more we will save throughout the year.  I am waiting on my apple tree, corn,  tomatoes and peppers to ripen so that I can make some applesauce, juice, salsa and pasta sauce.

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Simmering...I am not one for "hot and spicy", I am a big sissy when it comes to that.  However, this is hot and sweet and is divine poured over soft cream cheese and served with crackers and or sliced french bread.

Lastly, here is a little dress I threw together this morning for Ella.  I bought this vintage sheet at a consignment store for $2 about a month or two ago and loved the print and the ruffle on the edge.  Most of the sheet was white but I knew I could make her a dress using just the bottom and including that darling ruffle.  This is a  pillowcase type dress and I did not use a pattern.  Watched a You-Tube video to get the jist of it and went to town.  It took maybe 20 mins to make and I think it is DARLING!!!  I just love it...

I have a few more pillowcases and sheets in the dryer as I type that I picked up at an estate sale on Friday for cheap. It is still early enough I could probably knock out a few more before the days end. 


Melinda Cornish said...

I love jalapeno jelly....I grew anaheim peppers and they are growing like crazy...I wonder if they would work for jelly?
this dress is pretty cute too.....

Michelle said...

The dress is adorable. You are so creative. I love jalapeno jelly. It's so good spread on burgers too.