Thursday, August 26

My 41st Birthday

How on earth can I be 41?
It feels like just a few weeks ago I was hanging out with out my high school friends!
Well, I do still do that, but I meant hanging out with them and being 17.
Last year I celebrated in Vegas,
this year nothing so exciting.
Went and got a pedicure,
and bought myself a cake.
We cannot afford anything else,
so no gifts.
Well, I thought I was getting no gifts.
My girlfriend Stacie got me a cute nightshirt with a funny saying ,
and another girlfriend sent me some little items in the mail that I just loved.
Later that week my friend Stacie called me and invited her and her family over for dinner,
it was actually quite funny.
She called and said can we come over for dinner,
I am bringing it!
Sure...I don't have to cook,
come on over, LOL!
She was so sweet,
she had made me this "divine" chocolate and strawberry birthday cake with ganache
 (did I even spell that right)
it was heaven!

Let me just birthday was 2 weeks ago LOL!  I am just now getting to blog about it.  But, today is my parents wedding anniversary.  Happy 44th Anniversary Mom and Dad!


Blonde Steel Magnolia said...

Happy birthday-that cake looks incredible!

Jo said...


{april kennedy} said...

Happy belated birthday my friend. Sorry I missed it.

We need to hang out at either my house or your house one school morning for old times sake!! word verification was
efying uf