Thursday, August 26

Flying, I am Flying!!

Before I begin this post I just wanted to warn you.  My friend Jennifer reminded me today that I had not blogged in weeks, I know, I know! The cord to my camera is not working and its such a pain to upload through the printer/scanner so I just kept putting if off.  So I broke down tonight and updated finally, and caught up on the last 3 weeks.  So when your done reading this one, keep reading on down cause I think in the last hour I have posted 5 or 6 new postings!

Our next door neighbor is also a pilot and has been bugging me for months to go up with him.  Now I am not necessarily afraid of flying a big plane, a big big plane.  A small 4 seater plane...well, that does make me nervous. After enough badgering I agreed.  Initially I wanted "one" parent on the ground, you know in case something happened but in the end we all ended up going.

Matt getting the plane out of the hanger.

I was the co-pilot, cool  huh?  At the beginning of the flight he went over all the instruments and told me what to do should something happen.  You know a 5 minute flying lesson while my kids are aboard, nice!

It was not as bad as I had anticipated although it was like flying in a tin can.  I get car sick, sea sick and yes a little queasy in the air but I survived. We flew from Napa on over to the coast, and about half way there he let me take over. 

Look Ma, I am flying!!

Yup, I got to fly it.  I did really good. he was impressed.  He said most beginners move  the plane up and down, up and down and did not do that, not even once!  When it was time to descend a bit I took it slow dropping about 300 ft a minute, without instruction and he said that was just about exactly the right rate to decline. Course it is easy to take over when he is sitting right there, can you imagine if he had passed out or something during the flight OMG!!  We headed up to Jenner and flew right over the ocean.  When I say right over, I mean it literally, like as close as 40 or so feet from the water. He was flying at this point obviously.   Very cool! 

Flying at the Coast

Looking Upvalley, look at all those vineyards!

Ella enjoyed it so much, well you can see how much she enjoyed it!


GardenPig said...

I'm jealous!!! I got my pilots license a while back and I haven't been able to go back to fly! :( so just costs way too much money. One day I will go back. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! :)

Gretchen said...

Ha Ha Ha... I am glad I am not hte only one so far behind in posting....

Flying looks fun!

And I have been canning tons too :) Salsa everywhere!