Saturday, September 18

Giveaways- to give and to get

This week I registered for my yearly scrapbook getaway to a local scrapbook convention in Sacramento, the Scrapbook Expo and it has got me so wanting to create again.  It has been forever since I have scrapped, sewed or "made" something and it has been all I have been thinking about this week.  I am vowing right now to make the time...

With that said I have a entire basket full of mini scrapbook albums I have made that are just waiting for some photo's.  I love to make these little memory books and so...check back in a few days as I will be having a "Giveaway" for one of my little treasure books.  I love "giving" as much as "getting" and it is my turn to make someones day by offering one of my little handmade treats.

And speaking of "Giveaways" I wanted to share a few of my recent wins from giveaways I have entered and won...I love winning something special and unexpected and I love running out to the mailbox to find my little package waiting for me.

This recent win was from a giveaway I entered at Penguin's Gift , actually it has been some time since I received this package but I tucked it away for my daughters soon to be 6th birthday.  I won a child's bracelet from Joann who is a  Stella and Dot consultant.  I had the joy of picking "any" child's bracelet in the catalog and I let my daughter "help" without her actually knowing it was for her.  She picked the Mini Soiree bracelet with faux pearl acrylic beads and a sparkly pave ball (also available in a Coral and Turquoise color).  The bracelet is darling!  It came in an adorable reusable little metal tin and I know my little Ella is just going to love it!

Today I received my most recent win from the giveaway at Eye Candies Blog for a Stacey Winters Photography Original Handmade Necklace from her Etsy Shop.  A "darling" little photograph pendant necklace with an original photo set in a antiqued pendant 1" x 1" preserved in resin.  What a great little accessory and being the crafter than I am I truly not only appreciate the theme of the picture but the workmanship in taking the photo, setting it, applying the resin etc...I have made a few similar rings and the resin is not easy to get bubble free and flat.  Thank you Stacey!


Jeannine said...

Congratulations on your lucky wins. I think it is as exciting to hear who wins giveaways, as to win one myself. I didn't realize you are a Nor Cal girl. I'm in the Valley!

Gretchen said...

that necklace is amazing :)