Monday, November 1

Few things...Giants Win,Halloween.

Well first thing is that our computer is down, our only computer.  Thank goodness for my Blackberry or I would be disconnect from everything!  Crossing my fingers it is something "fixable".

Next, the San Francisco Giants win the World Series!!! woot woot!
It has been an amazing ride this season and skeptics said it could not be done, well, we showed them. This franchise has not won the series in 56 years!  It was time, they were due, congrats to them and the fans.

And lastly I do have a picture of the kiddo's on my phone of them in their Halloween costumes so thought I would share.  Carson was the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz and Ella was batgirl.  They were not a matching pair, which I love.  They have been in the past Mickey and Minnie, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell cowgirl and cowboy, and the Tin Man and the Wicked Witch.  I had my fun, but I guess they have their own opinions now so I must let them be as they wish.
 Growing up!

My apologies for typo's!  Not as easy doing this from your cell phone verses a laptop.

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