Wednesday, February 8

We are doing really well...

We have been " in business" just sbout 3 weeks now and sales have been better than i could imagine. I love hearing from other dealers how well we are doing, that we are rockstars! Our shelves are full...and thats our plan. The More product on the shelves...the more product going out the doors, and I mean that in more ways than one. Both Jennifer (my friend and business partner) have both had to deal with loss...product loss. I guess thats part of the gig sadly. We have noticed stolen items and items sold but price tags being switched to our loss. It happens. We have both been so busy creating things from old to new...our newest items are vintage frames turned burlap covered magnet boards and corkboards. Dry erase boards with old frames and fabric and keeping up on the demand with my mason jar soap pumps. We are having so much fun!

On the home front, we are good. Kids got guinea pigs this past weekend, first pets for them. They are cute I admit, but the shaved bedding being tracked everywhere is driving me insane. New to 4-H this year, we thought it would be best to start off small...and the kids just adore them. We also got chickens, this weekend as well, 7 of them. Will be pretty cool in a few months to have fresh eggs all the time.

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