Thursday, December 11

Gingerbread House

A annual tradition is for the kids and I to make a Gingerbread house for the holidays. So this year I bought one of those kits at the grocery store, cheap enough. Well, they don't really come with quite enough frosting, the candy is pretty sparse and when the kids are decorating and eating simultaneously it does not go far LOL! This year Carson did the left side, Ella did the right and Mommy worked on the front. When we ran out of the items that came in the box I whipped out the colored mini marshmallows and coconut and it was soon completed. The kids like it....Mommy thinks it is cute but really thinks it looks like Willy Wonka threw up all over it! LOL

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{april kennedy} said...

that is darling! we make ours next weekend at my parent's house!

missed you Wednesday...thought you might stop by! although I did run a few quick errands!