Wednesday, February 25 Target find today.

Today while strolling through Target I came across these this wall hanging and thought "oh, how cute would this be in my newly cleaned, newly organized, scrap room"! I love butterflies, always have, in fact I have 3 tattoo's on my person of a butterfly, well make that 2 tattoo's actually but one of them has 2. This set is magnetic, so cool....the back of each butterfly has a small magnet on it right in the center. The set comes with smooth flat head nails, actually more tack like , that you just push into the wall and then the butterfly sticks to it at the magnet point. You can turn the butterlfy any which way you want to face, the wings are raised a bit so they are 3-d on the wall as well. They looked kinda cheap in the box, they really are just white plastic pieces but on the wall they look really cute! I have been trying to decide what to hang on this wall since we took our desk out that had a huge hutch on it which covered most of the wall. I hung the shelf last week, which now holds my flowers, mini albums etc...but was considering cutting a vinyl quote out and adhering to the wall until I saw this set. So cute, I love finds like these. I went to Target to actually buy "sunglasses" LOL, but you know how that goes...
(note the huge jar on the bookshelf on the right that holds all my ribbons, love that too! that was my last week find at Ross of all places.)
Click picture if you want a closer view:

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{april kennedy} said...

Those are soooo cute and look soooo good on the wall! Nice find. And thanks for the jenni bowlin info at scrapper's depot. I need to go there more often....yet I don't need any more!