Thursday, July 9

In need of a Blog Designer

I just opened an Etsy shop, well I have the name and have registered but nothing is listed yet. It is called Paperie Pretties, cute huh? So I was looking for referrals to a "reasonably" priced blog designer. I am in need of a Etsy banner, blog banner and signature. A button and a coordinating image for a business card and or shipping labels. I do like the designer who helped with this blog but she is very new at it and the button option and Etsy banner were quite a challenge so looking for someone with knowledge in those areas. So if you know of anyone could you please leave a comment with the info so I may go check them out. Thanks so much!


roseylittlethings said...

The lady who did mine does all those things, she even made my business cards. Her link is on the right side of my blog, blumstudios!

Gretchen said...

check out this momma
I have not used her, but have seen her work and it's great... plus if you read her blog a bit you will see how muh it matters to her! I would so have her redo all of my stuff if I could afford it!!... and I think she is really reasonable!

Can't wait to see you pretties!

Carla said...

Hi Lisa,
I am responding to a comment you left on my blog about blog headers, etc. I would be happy to chat with you about what you're looking for. My email address is