Thursday, July 9

What I did while the kids were gone.

I am just about caught up on my scrapping! Few layouts here and there that need to be done, but while the kids were away at my folks a few weeks ago I scrapped my tush off! Well, not literally, although I wish! So here are a few of the (30 or so)layouts I did, in the quiet of the house. Of course the ones that are just my favorites I already took down to the LSS and are on display, and I forgot to take photos. If you happen to run in there anytime soon, my current favorite is a Birthday one I did, using the Jenni Bowlin Bday Bingo cards (large and small), a ticket strip from Creative Imaginations and all sorts of other fun stuff. Will these make it into an album anytime soon? I doubt it, my pile of completed is getting taller and taller, in fact it is 2 piles. That is what I did at the last crop I went to....I organized and filled my albums and I tell you what my load in my car was nothing compared to the usual crop taking luggage! Sorry I just edited the pics and the quality is not good camera is out for repair! This is the left side of a rare 2 page layout: and yes it does need one more picture, I thought I printed it but missed it. Right side: , This was a scraplift, I saw it in a magazine and had the pictures to go with it. I did use different papers and choose not to sew on it and the clouds I used self adhesive linen. . I scraplifted this idea from some magazine, I just loved it! Of course I changed some of it up but cannot take full credit for the idea. Gosh editing this I again have to apologize for the picture quality which is just awful..... :(

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Gretchen said...


I keep saying I am going to tae a scrap weekend soon... then life keeps getting in the way! Soon though....

beautiful wor.. .even with sub quality photos :)