Friday, April 16

Is it summer yet? I need a BREAK!

cause when summer hits and school is out, I won't be so busy...will I? It seems the last few months I have been so busy...finally settled in after our big move and now its one thing after another at school as the year is quickly coming to a close. So I think I need a vacation! Sunday we leave for Disneyland......again. I love taking my kids and watching there little faces light up as they see the park signs, but it's work, not so much relaxation. This will be my 4th time to Disney in 12 months, so I am sure after this trip I will be done...yes, done...for sometime. I was actually thinking about that today as I was sitting at a stop light today. 3 trips to Disneyland, season passes for 4 and hubby and I a week at Disneyworld.......cost=way to much for kids...priceless. However....I will get a break, not so much relaxation yet again but a break. The morning after we get back from Disneyland I leave for a scrapbooking retreat with 7 other women to a nice quiet little house on the coast. We stay up late, scrapbook from early am to the wee hours of the morning. We chat, we gossip, we boost about our kids and vent about them too. We take walks and basically have one big grown up girls sleepover full of crafting for a few days, with no kids and no husbands. Most importantly there will be no can you do this, can you take me here, can you pick this up, can you make me this, and not one time during those few days will I say...please stop whining, don't fight, go to bed, eat your dinner, pick up your clothes, don't hit your sister, get away from him, go outside and get the picture. All mommy's need a break at one time or another....we do, we do.

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