Saturday, April 10

To paint or not to paint???

My home decor is vintage, kinda shabby, chippy or trying to lean that way, loving the look of the creams and white furniture so I am posed with a dilema that perhaps you can help. My mother handed down to me a rocking chair several years ago that I really want to paint white. This rocking chair was the first piece of new furniture they ever bought and my father bought it for my mother when she was pregnant with me (so yes, over 40 years ago)or so I remember the story. It is showing wear in the staining, nicks, and dings which gives great character but for some reason as much as I want to paint I am I leave as is, the way they bought it all those years ago I make it my own and do with what I want???


Sandy's Place said...

Hi Lisa,
To paint or not to paint the rocker? hard decision. I picked up a rocker the other day and have been contemplating painting it as well. Your situation is different because of the sentimental side. I would paint it and give it a new lease of life I'm sure you parents would have wanted it that way. I use a low sheen paint with a semi gloss so its not too shiny. Good luck with your dilema but painting it white will fit in with all your other pieces I'm sure. Sandy x

{april kennedy} said...

Paint...definitely. That is what gives handed down family furniture more stories to tell!