Thursday, April 29

Pretty Pink Roses

Have you ever seen so many little roses on one bush??? At our new home we have this in our backyard, a bit overgrown and needs to be trimmed but the fragrance is just AMAZING! Unfortunately it is farther back on our property than I would like, with that aroma and tiny little pink pink pink flowers, I want it right up by the house. I have no idea what type of rose this is, maybe one of you reading can help me out but they are so dainty and I just love love love this plant, did I mention the flowers were pink my favorite. Which by the way, no kidding, stands proably 10-15 feet tall and I cannot even guess how far around it spans, maybe 30 feet or more around, it is huge and pink!

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{april kennedy} said...

It's a climbing cecile brunner rose. I have it right outside my kitchen window climbing on a trellis in our backyard and it looks exactly like your pictures. Good should bloom at least once more this summer here in Napa!!