Monday, January 17

Vintage Beach Themed Printers Tray

I have had this 7 Gyspsies printers tray in my craft cabinet for oh maybe a year and a half.  It came with a Jenni Bowlin kit I had purchased and I just never knew what to do with it, until now that is.  Our main hallway bathroom is decorated in a vintage beach theme. Shells, vintage bottles and even a metal sand shovel are just a few of the items I have in there.  I have been collecting a few things here and there and putting them aside thinking I might use them in my project.  Vintage journals I had found at an estate sale, vintage sheet music, buttons, flowers, lace, seashore themed patterned papers from October Afternoon, and alas I finally set aside some time today to complete.  Perhaps when looking you might be wondering who might the people in the photo's might be. Curious if perhaps if it a grandmother, or my father as a child. I can tell, I have "no" idea who these people pictured are, funny huh?  They may very well be related to you! I bought the majority of the pictures on Etsy.

It started off looking like this:
and after dry brushing, glimmer misting, sanding, scraping, gluing, cutting, placing and such this is what it looks like now.

and here are a few "close-ups"

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