Wednesday, November 3

Computer Woes

So it seems I may have "fried" the motherboard on the computer.  Well, not "me", not sure what happened.   It is out for repair with an estimated completion date of 2 to 4 weeks! How will we survive?    One plus is that I had purchased an accidental warranty apparently so the fee is completly covered, for once I actually did the right thing and it paid off, shocker!

We are normally not a big fan of those extra warranties they want to tack on.  10 years ago when we were first married we bought 2 brand new couches from Montgomery Wards, remember that store?  We had nothing but problems and after 3 repairs they agreed under the warranty that would we get a full refund. 3 days later they filed bankruptsy!  9 months of phone calls and letters and we gended up with 2 garbage couches and out over $1800!

Today at Best Buy I did pay them $155 to download everything off the hard drive and back up to an external hard drive, which was included in the fee.  I have a scrapbook crop coming up and all my pictures were on there, not to mention the last 3 years taxes, all our music files, o'my!  For me, this fee, although not in the budget and making things tight for a week or so was well worth eating the rice and beans to save all our files.

So, looks like I will be getting very aquainted with the features on my Blackberry.  We got these a month or two ago and it will be my lifeline for the next 2 to 4 weeks!


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