Friday, June 4

Trash to Treasure

For those of you who have Freecycle in your area, don't you just love it?  For those of you who do not , Freecycle is a Yahoo based local web group where you post your want items and also offer items you do not want, all for free!  Several weeks ago we had several items we no longer needed, a bed frame, broken patio umbrella, yard fountain that needed a new cord, an old recliner chair, sheets for a twin bed we no longer had etc.  I posted my offers on Freecycle, interested parties email me back to which I respond with my address.  You put the free item on your porch and they come and get it, everything we listed was gone within 24 hours I am not kidding! Same scenario when you yourself reply to something being offered and you go and pick it up.  Since we have moved here I have acquired a love seat for the kids room and it was in "excellent" condition, patio chairs, tool box, hand me down clothes for the kids, and so much more.  It is a great concept to recycle things you don't want rather than taking to the landfill.  This week I responded to an add for a shelf unit.  Needing something by our front door to hold our keys, all my hubby's items that he nightly empties from  his pockets and such I quickly responded, you have to be fast cause the items can go in minutes.  This is what it looked like when I picked it up earlier this week:

with my handy dandy power sander it did not take all that long to sand it down and remove all the lacquer it had on it

I was not crazy about the top part of the unit, looked odd so I had hubby cut it off for me. I used a white interior semi-gloss paint that I also received off of freecycle (got about half a gallon...for free!).  I ran to Home depot and got 4 new knobs, cheap ones but pretty and a new paint brush.  Total cost of this entire project $11 and this is what it looks like now...

Not to bad for FREE!

So if you have never heard of Freecycle you "must" google and see if there is a message board in your area. Frrecycle has saved me a ton of money on purchasing items I need and also on money I would have spent taking items to the local landfill.  Remember...your trash may be someone else's treasure and vice versa!


roseylittlethings said...

so funny< i almost took that but then told her to give it to someone else since I have no time to paint etc! Looks super cute, love that you had matt cut off that weird part:)

Roselle said...

Amazing transformation! I have never heard of Freecycle. I'm going to have to check it out!