Monday, April 25

Few New Vintage Finds

Wanted to share a few of my new to me vintage finds.  Purchases from various places, online, Craigslist, estate sales. 
Collection of vintage fishing bobbers.  The vintage platter was purchased on Ebay , the glass bobbers on Etsy and the assortment of plastic ones were purchased at a local antique store. I threw in the shells to complete the look.  This sits on my coffee table in the living room.  I love that they are all worn and dirty, barnacle residue and dings from use. 

Vintage Fairy lamp, think it is depression glass.  Two pieces in a light green shade.

Gossip bench aka phone table.  This item is in pristine condition.  Not thrilled with the cherry wood color or the tapestry fabric on chair (which is why it is covered).  Looks like a project in the making.  Wanting to paint, distress and recover fabric (thinking with feedsack) but hubby likes as we shall see.  Got this on Craigslist from a sale from someone who was relocating to the East Coast, got this for a steal for $25.

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Michelle said...

Love all of your new finds, I'm going to get on the ball this week and update my blog as well. I do like the bench very neat.