Monday, April 25

Master Bedroom Vintage Style

Before Shot (excuse the mess!)
One of the nice things about moving is you get to decorate a new space.  I have been struggling with the idea of painting our current bedroom furniture white.  I am not a huge fan of the dark wood however after decorating the room I think I may be able to live with it.  The bedspread is a vintage white chenille dot and I purchased the burlap pillow cover on Etsy. The pillows have actually changed a bit since this picture was taken, I will update on those later.The euro pillows and white shams were purchased at an estate sale.

 I decided to paint the wall a brown tone so I actually took the burlap pillow down to the local Home Depot and had the paint color matched.  The rest of the house is pretty "girly" light beige tones, floral pictures wanting to make this space a bit more man friendly. 

Originally I was thinking of applying a vinyl quote above the bed and then I found the perfect picture.  I had originally seen the vintage picture at a local consignment store.  I really did like it but just wasn't sure and not wanting to spend the money on it at the time I decided to pass on it.  However, after painting the wall I knew it would go perfectly, the question was had it sold already as it had been weeks since I had first laid eyes on it.  As luck would have it not only was it still available it had been marked down to $18...what a steal!  It is the perfect accent, my room with the lamps, the wall hanging, the white and warm tones, I feel as if I am in spa, a retreat.  And with it all thrown together the color of the furniture is not so bothersome to me.


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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Very pretty, I'm loving the freshness of the white linens.